Welcome to Ashford blog event

Welcome to Ashford blog event

Blog Event Ashford In Kent

I have travelled a little further afield for a Blog event, 50.01 miles to be exact. Ashford is a town in the county of Kent, But I couldn’t resist!

Ashford beautiful view

The participating businesses in Ashford taking part in the blog event were
Stag Coffee this was first port of call coffee or should I say a white hot chocolate with squirty cream and a hint of cherry sauce was rather tasty, and even though I brought banana bread for monkey, enviably I ended up eating it #sorrynotsorry

Mm white hot chocolate drink 👌

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It seems these Ashford, independent artisan productions of beautiful items; it was perfect especially when its so close to Christmas, and I am trying to be organised most people want gift vouchers so they can get things when they wish.
Not always the same as opening up a gift especially when it’s handmade by independent shops.

After we had our lovely welcome meet in the Stag coffee shop, Our next stop was snap jewellery.

On display were wedding table placements,(did you know I love owls?) well yes there was so many beautiful glitzy items.
Then in my thoughts I was this is expensive it’s all going to cost a fortune.
Welcomed in, and the owners were so passionate about the there product they were genuinely excited to talk about and demonstrate, this blew me away!


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I will be purchasing more for Christmas and birthday gifts.

#marvel #DC #Flash #Hulk @snap_jewellery awsome interchangeable accessories for any occasion

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We then went for Emporia Fabric & Craft – haberdashery where we got to turn crafty and either make a felt animal or a knitted coaster,
I opted for a felt toadstool because I have a thing bout Little Birds retro clothing range and toadstool is one of them, more practice on my hand sewing skills, but overall I was happy with the outcome.

#blogashford making #felt #toadstall #littlebirdbyjools #retro #cute

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Enjoyed making a #felt #toadstall #retro #cute

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how beautiful

Beautiful x

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That’s some hungry work; we ended up at the little teapot. Unfortunately, a lady had a funny turn and was in need of emergency services. So as you could imagine the staff were busy trying to assist, I felt assured I would be in safe hands if anything unpleasant as to happen a big well done to these guys!

Eventually, things calmed down, and we returned for jacket potato beans n cheese mm!

We made our way to a cute little shop called Happy & Glorious, make handmade soaps, lotions along with picture frames.
A succulent to try out but as the shop was small I was worried monkeys hands grabbing at everything, so I was happy to be able to bring it home to do.

Made my creative streak want to come out to play!
Then for the drive home, had a lovely day met some lovely passionate people and some bloggers

Take a look at their links below


The Little TeaPot
Bloggers that attended 


Thank you for popping by till the next time 



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