The Stickman Live September 2016

The Stickman Live September 2016

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My thoughts

I took Monkey on a little treat to see The Stickman; I thought it was going to be like the Gruffalo!

Tickets printed and a short drive to the Orchard Theatre, I handed my ticket to the usher for seating guidance. We had front row seat, and the monkey was given a booster seat. As we waited for the show to begin,  there was no photography allowed, but I managed to take a shot of the stage set up and a cheeky picture of monkey who wasn’t too thrilled about having to sit in a booster seat,
the stick man live show
As the lights lowered, and the music started, to announce the start of the show which consisted of three actors appeared, two men and a woman. Who all took turns in their different roles and later in the show interacted with each other.
The amateur dramatics put into the stickman was very well presented, the props and the sounds were very pleasing visually. Even down to the snow scene, they even dropped the temperature down, so we felt that chill the stimulating effects were superb and well executed.
Monkey enjoyed waving to the people and making her dog pant noise to show she knows it’s a dog, monkey isn’t verbally communicating just yet ( I will go into this more in a different post )
There was a bit where stickman, the dog, and the dog warden ran out into the audience, this for an older child of 4 or 5 I could see being exciting but a few younger kiddies were crying, and the monkey was a little frightened.
I like how the audience was brought in to engage with the actors and a bit of the old ‘he’s behind you’ Is always fun.
The lighting caught monkey’s eye a few times, and she enjoyed the colour changes of scenes.
Overall, I for some reason expect different outcomes from the theatre and am often guilty of comparing to the film if there was one originally, see here for my Dirty Dancing review and rocky horror show review.
So to summarise this is a good show to take children to see. Worth a watch!
In October I’m looking forward to taking Monkey to see the very hungry caterpillar show which I will include on my blog!
Thank you for coming back!

Do you have any recommendations for shows to take kk and monkey or mummies treat night?



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