spring has sprung ..

so today I have a spring in my step, even though I got caught in a small hailstone shower lol, was funny April showers.

Ok I recently moved well almost been here nine months already and wow, what a change we have made to the place,
Still, progress is progress; Right?

I’m trying hard to stick to routines and de-clutter and not spend money  on things, as it is I’m buying own brand products, not that I’m complaining, to be honest, I get a buzz from looking at how much I’ve saved on items, there is also cheap shops called pound land, 99p shop and pound stretchers. The latter is not a cheap shop as such,My friend  last two days and we have been on a spring clean and decluttered fix up, I was astonished to see how many bowls, I’m always having plates, dishes and glasses also cups that I had accumulated over the past few years, to be fair as my m always have a de-clutter.

While cleaning under my bed, I became aware of some things; then I looked in my draws and my wardrobe, realised how much makeup I have and don’t use… Hmm, I’m thinking a mass selling is on the cards or throwing out.
Also what’s good some items I have brought in a set that never used I can gift to someone for birthday etc.

So I decided to make a monthly goal, the routine is essential and a Filofax organiser with a day per page view to jot down anything that I find of interest, this will help I hope with daily cleaning, previously I used to do endless to-do lists and diet plans.

Thinking I should revert to how I used to manage things, filofaFilofaxand accessories will come in handy for the coming months..
Going to have to change the primary diary to a page per day view.

Very determined to clear the clutter and minimise what I cherish the most, I should start this as project clean up and drop Down ..

Have you come across this yourself ??

I’d love to hear from you




  1. 20th April 2013 / 4:37 PM

    Well, my house is CLUTTER CENTRAL. It’s awful. I desperately NEED to de-clutter and spring clean. I want to, the time always seems to get away from me! I need to just be organized about it.

    Part of it is that I am always so disgusted with myself when I see how much junk accumulates that I didn’t even need or use. BAH!

    But I know it feels so good once it’s done!!!

    • clarissad83
      20th April 2013 / 4:54 PM

      Im the same hun, Im still procrastinating over make up that I have had for wait for it over 12 months probably even longer yikes !!
      it is the same with clothes with weight gain. Im sure your spring fairy will come and visit you soon lol !!

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