Slimming World Week 1

    Hii guys and girlies
  A different kind of entry from me this week I have started Slimming World,    completely new concept  for me as I am used to Weight watchers so getting my    head around syns, super free foods working out healthy extra A and B options.
  My first week starting weight is 15 stone 8.7 lbs must say this is the most I have    ever weighed and hope this will be the last time I see these numbers.
 Ok to start off was weird and I have only just understood the Healthy Extra A & B  options.
Tuesday Wasn’t a good  start I spent all day asleep due to my mate being in hospital due to slicing her hand and needing 3 stitches.
So plan started Wednesday and relatively went well all week, I cut down on my oil and sugar intake also a lot of my tea in take has gone down;
Makes me feel a little better and I don’t really crave crisps and chocolate, due to the natural sweet sugar in fruit and yogurts, I can have a hot chocolate still which is great, and my main worry was fast food I would dive into mc Donald’s and have a quarter large fries and a milkshake all with OMG amount of syns in them lol.
So the test was finding a place to eat out and be healthy with my choice, mc Donald’s do a nice chicken grilled salad with 4 syns. But I found going to a cafe and asking for a jacket potatoe with beans no butter and salad works for me keeps me fuller for longer as well.
Soo the verdict on my first week on slimming world, I don’t like how you join the group you have the chat on how the plan works, now for me I’m used to Weight Watchers ProPoints and daily amounts, this to begin with baffled me lol
Slimming world have a set amount of Syns per day this is 10-15, it’s to encourage you to fill up on your free and super free foods which is your basic fruit and veg and meat.. Then we have Healthy A & B options where you have a set amount of dairy and bread a day to choose from.
But aside from that I lost 2.5 LBS yay !!


  1. 3rd July 2013 / 2:43 PM

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    • clarissad83
      20th July 2013 / 8:46 PM

      Hi Vanessa
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