Slime Fest Halloween Event

Slime Fest Halloween Event
Oh yes getting into the spirit of All-hallows like never before!
We’re off to Guilford for fun filled day that should get the senses going.. if not me hiding in the corner crying slime and all that nasty sticky stuff, I most definitely am trying to let myself get used to playing and dirt without the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and my body quiver in disgust!
you can see I totally love my car, any opportunity I get to drive and travel for a day out and discover new and fun things to get up to, I generally will go for it.
Keira currently has a thing about Slime anything sticky and dirty she will jump at the chance, Evie she isn’t to sure, but the disco was fun for Evie she Loves music!
The boiler room Guilford

The Event Took place in The Boiler Room, Located in Guilford FACEBOOK PAGE 


So What Is SlimeFest ?

well Genie Lab offer A MONSTER PARTY THEME

Duration 60 minutes.

Our Monster Party package will make your toes curl, and your hair stand on end! An electrifying party that will take you on the spine-chilling process of creating a monster! Touch its brain, smell its burps and see how it can be brought to life! Everyone will have a go at making gooey monster eye ball slime!

£ 185*

I was impressed with how all the children got to get involved they all followed instructions and made slime some even got to make glow in the dark slime!

the set up was great eye catching and informative kept me interested, I love science and learning about atoms and molecules, shame I didn’t get good GCSE grades in Science, but I was and always  will be fascinated.

The party was set out like a story with different elements to follow and guess there next moves.. all leading up to a finale Frankenstein so not only was there Science, Experiments there was also English Literature added.

I was disappointed that we travelled so far for 60 mins, I initially thought it was an all day event, but in all, you could see the children were amazed and wowed even wooed with the noises.

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