Road trip to Brighton

Road trip to Brighton

The day has come! It’s the start of the six week holidays now and we’re all set for our road trip to Brighton.

Must say I’m nervous as I haven’t ventured further than Bromley! But excited at being able to drive to our holiday.

The morning was, while Mr B looked after the girls, I needed to get kk a swimming cozzie and her  tablets. What a kerfuffle I’d left 8.30 to make sure I’d get home before 11. Ambitious thinking when it comes to the chemist here. At 11.30 I finally got home. Then a mad rush to get everything set and packed in the car.

And then satnav plugged in ready to give directions,  I kept saying I can do this, I can do this and I will.

Setting off down the A2, heading towards Bromley, things were going well! then the satnav directions confused me and we ended up in bluewater, least I know how to drive there if I need to hehe.

Back on track, it took 1 hour 40 mins from home to Brighton. Me grinning like a Cheshire cat was rather happy that it wasn’t as worrying as I’d thought!

Car parked and hotel found, oh posh rather eloquent, with modern finish detail.

The website boasted of their hotel rooms –

“Hotel Rooms

Our spacious bedrooms include large, comfortable beds with crisp white linens, flat screen TV’s complete with Freeview and we are one of the only few hotels in Brighton that offer our guests free WiFi in every room.

Our hotel rooms can accommodate three adults, two adults and two children under twelve, or just one person in complete comfort, making Jurys Inn Brighton the perfect hotel for a business trip or a city break.”

hotel room










Photographs are of our family room, KK had a pull out sofa, and on request, we were able to get a travel cot.

After we settled in the room  we go to the beach so off we go, lovely weather, but ouch bloody hell! Stone beach *cry*  (Next holiday I will find a sand beach)

brighton beach


Most of the first and second day were on the beach, boiling hot, with the glimmer of the waves from the sun was enticing, but stones was a no, no!








After an unsettled night, day three was here and surprisingly overcast, this was so welcome the breeze was missed.

My feet taped up in plasters and pop sock , with my new trainer shoes I’ve been looking for a pair like this but plain, only had a print but sod it £12.99 TK Max life savers or sole savers my feet needed these bad.

Unfortunately, I ended up with plastered heels… was painful!

We did the usual I wanted a bath, now at home I have a shower this is the only form of washing, I love a nice soak in a bath! who doesn’t? so when booking the Jurys inn I wanted to make sure there was a bath.

note that I’m 5ft 10 with near 33inch inside leg, the bath didn’t cover me it was far too shallow.

Another day walking around KK wanted to go to the pier, Mr B wanted to explore other areas of Brighton, I just wanted my feet to stop hurting… haha!

So what felt like 10,000 miles, we had walked past the pier and notice a small train that rides along a part of the beach, and a little further up was nudist’s beach, okay then !

Reaching the point of no return we turned round and  a little train was there to save us, we paid  and then back to the pier. Monkey even got to go on sit down rides with Igglepiggle.









one of the main things for me  was to try and find Choccywoccydoodah!












And all the searching and even following the google maps directions,  it’s hidden and hard to find the place! even with directions, I was close to losing all hope.but then ta-da! we turned a corner and there it was! Do you know how hard it is being a chocoholic in a place where their main ingredient and art form is made from chocolate! do you feel my pain! it was beautiful to see the way the cakes were skillfully made, detailed and a lot of time taken over them. it was a small shop to what I had envisioned! and there was a grand set of stairs that would lead to a cafe, unfortunately, they  busy for us to visit the cafe and no lift, so those like us with buggies will struggle.

















A few hours forward and were back on the pier KK playing on the rides being a little daredevil, I’m standing there thinking what if the ride breaks ??

“since I had children, I look at nuts and bolts of rides, I fixate on them like there going to loosen and fall off, I know this is irrational thinking and the mum in me that worries.” any other mums do this ? or is it just me ? 



I have to say there wasn’t much of a selection to choose from food wise and the food at the hotel was a little expensive to do every night and breakfast as well. to be honest I was a little despondent that parking and breakfast weren’t included within the price. but hey ho !

The last day, we woke early while girls were having a bath we were cleaning and packing away. handy that KK was old enough to have Monkey in the bath.

when cleared we all got ready and headed to the car, and set off for our journey home.

In all, it was lovely to get away for a few nights,

but thinking I need to rethink beach and destination from the hotel to the beach. You always learn from experiences, do need to get Monkey relaxed to sleep where we visit, So I will be looking for tips… if you have any to share? I’d love to hear them! 


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