Review of

Review of
Hi ya Lovies
well here is a new blog post, I was asked by the lovely people at to review their product and, of course, I said yes.
so from first thoughts the layout is lovely, annotations letting me know where and what things do,
I normally use Picmonkey or canva but for some areas you have to pay,
with Fotojet it has templates with different number pictures that can be added, I did test this out and found it to be good and lovely templates which I shall use for future posts ( thank you ).
If I was to say anything downside about it is the fact crop doesn’t seem to crop, it zooms in on the picture and doesn’t give you the option to crop the image to make it fit the template.
with that being said I’m enjoying using it and would recommend to others to give a try the templates for facebook header and another social media is great just add images move to how you would like, again not dissimilar to canva and picmonkey another lovely tool for the box for bloggers.
I had a little play with a collage for a post I will be doing soon
bacas collage
Thank you for popping by, If you have any other nifty places you use please comment so I can give it a try..

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