Persil messy play for little belles and beasts | Review

Persil messy play for little belles and beasts | Review

When I found out Persil had teamed up with Disney to encourage messy play for little Belles and beasts.

I have to say budget wise normally go for own brands, so when the opportunity came for me to try 22 plus and extra two = twenty-four washes and comes with a free £5 Disney store voucher this is a promotion of the new Beauty and the Beast! Every pack purchased to support the live-action remake I jumped at the chance,
I had noticed the capsule was different to my normal cubes two of which go in the top draw but persil capsule in the load and put on for a wash I was so surprised at how fragranced my items were with just one capsule as well. I did a few more loads you know Friday strip beds and bath sheets get a clean day, I could never seem to get a smell at all from any of my washes was always jealous of me mum every load comes out smelling blissful, mine just no smell even with a hot wash clean.
So imagine my surprise when I was also getting the beautiful smell from MY laundry, definitely made me tempted to switch brands and I get a £5 Disney store voucher to treat monkey or KK or myself hehe!
So yes it’s been a Beauty to try! And the beastly laundry pile doesn’t seem so scary anymore!

Jennifer King, Senior Brand Manager for Persil at Unilever UK, comments, “As one of the UK’s leading household brands, we are thrilled to be joining forces with one of the biggest movies of 2017. With the chance to redeem a £5 Disney voucher with every pack, you can be confident that the all-in-one powerful clean of Persil Capsules will wash away any mess from your little Belle – or Beast.”



Beauty and the Beast
The exciting, new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, which achieved a record-breaking 128 million trailer views during its first 24 hours, sees Belle (Emma Watson), a bright and independent young woman, become a prisoner of the Beast (Dan Stevens), only to discover soon that real beauty lies within. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is in cinemas from 17th March.

Persil Capsules 22wash Bio/ Non-Bio/ Colour, RRP £8.00 (3 units per case)
Persil Capsules 38wash Bio/ Non-Bio/ Colour, RRP £11.00 (3 units per case)

Persil Capsule Review

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