our thoughts of the first hippo on the moon.

our thoughts of the first hippo on the moon.

The First Hippo On The Moon

From the number one best seller David Walliams comes a great story that has been adapted into a
lovely theatre show.
It is an explosively funny space adventure about two fat hippos with one enormous dream.

Who can make it to the moon first?

The First Hippo on the Moon was playing at The Churchill Theatre and is sure to return again soon. It
is currently as of March 2018 still touring London theatre scene.
and off they go to the moon. Who will get there first?

The First Hippo On The Moon

behind the story:

David Walliams has taken the world by storm, and his brilliantly funny stories are adored by children
the world over. Most importantly he has achieved unprecedented critical acclaims and quickly
developed a reputation as a natural successor to Roald Dahl. His books have been translated into
over 45 languages and sold over 9.5 million copies in the UK alone.

The puppets for The First Hippo on the Moon have been created by Nick Barnes and Finn Caldwell.
They have previously collaborated on War Horse and The Lorax.
what is it about?

firstly the story follows Sheila the jungle hippo who builds a rocket with the help of her jungle

Alice bounce who, with the help of her friends wants to be the first hippo on the moon. Her character is
a pretty simple one.
Laboured collects several bits of poo from the animals on stage and from members of the audience
for the firing of the rocket.
As a result, this makes for an hour of reasonably interesting children’s theatre. The most memorable
thing is the word-play. This is where the hippoclock news plays on a TV and Sheila becomes a
hipponaut. All the animal’s cheer, they say: “Hip Hip Hippo”. This meant that many children got really
excited about the theatre.

The First Hippo On The Moon

what did I think overall?

What makes this great is this is a typical David Walliams type of story. This makes it Funny. we all
know David Walliams is renown for his comedy, so I was interested to see how as well as if he was
able to pull off entertaining children to go beside us adults.

Initially when I saw The First Hippo On The Moon advertised I just had to get it booked it up. This
made me excited and I couldn’t wait to get there and see how it would work as a children’s theatre

The auditorium offered an intimate and relaxed setting and was lucky to where we could sit. This
then enables to have seats close to the stage. This meant it was more beneficial for the monkey. As
she has not a very long concentration span and with the autism, with possible ADHD it’s hard to
know if I’ll have to take her out of the show.

The stage was set up, and it felt like we were in the jungle. Therefore it made a good show. Mainly
though I loved the three types of variations that were used, on stage human-sized puppets, mini
puppets for the moon scene, and the television puppets.

Therefore I was very impressed with how three people were able to master and stay in sync with the
monkey’s movements and Evie had fun dancing to some of Sheila’s songs.

Therefore it felt there was a strong message performed by Les Petits Children’s Theatre. Also by
David Walliams himself. Ultimately he helped a younger generation believe they can have a dream
and keep reaching for it.

As always David Walliams has a few more theatre productions going on, and I am honestly looking
forward to getting a chance to see

The First Hippo On The Moon

To find out more about David Walliams HERE

Have you been to see any of David Williams Children’s theatre shows in London?
if you have do let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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