#Mummy Tag

#Mummy Tag
I was  nominated by to take part in the Mummy Tag.
Are you a working mum or a stay at home mum?
I’m a stay at home mum and Blog for fun
Would you have it any other way?
Would depend on how well I do in the future, if my hobby can become more, at the moment I’m enjoying!

Do you co-sleep?

No, Monkey just is too much of a fidget

What is your must-have item for your baby?

Sanity ! and patients, which I lack but trying
How many kids do you plan on having?
Two is what I’m sticking with

Date night how often do you have them?

Not as often as I’d like
Your child’s favourite show?
In The Night Garden, that much so  I took Monkey to see the show dome I have a post here and a video
Name one thing you bought before you had a baby and never ended up using?
Baby weaning pots
Your child’s favourite food?
She goes through phases
my go ahead bar
Banana milkshake
or milk
How many cars does your family have?
Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now
I was small with both my girls, but I ate to much junk after and well Fatness appeared
Dream holiday with your kids?
DisneyLand Florida
Dream holiday without the kids?
One or two places, a beautiful, gorgeous sandy beach, hammock and cocktails
or Iceland for Northern lights and husky ride
How has your life changed since having kids?
Massively! You need to make sure there taken care of before your needs if you think you can go out every weekend nope.

Finish this sentence ” my heart melts when..”

My Heart Melts When, I get kisses from my girls, or KK randomly tells me she loves me
Where do you shop for your kids?
Shopping I used to be Primark, but after a few times of my clothes shrinking, this probably is down to my washing machine but I then went for KK H&M and Matalan is quite good
Monkey I love Matalan, Nutmeg, H&M

Favourite makeup and skincare product?

I love my newest find, Garnier Micellar water
Lush is pretty fab
Huggies or Pampers?

Have you always wanted kids?

Best part of being a mum?
The overwhelming love for my girls is the best part
I now nominate YOU to take part in the Mummy Tag!

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