Monkey And Tonsillitis

Monkey And Tonsillitis

A few days ago Monkey hadn’t been her usual cheeky self and you know something is wrong,

usually not eating clingy and just about drinking from her bottle.

Calpol is given and for a few rather sh*t nights where I got no sleep and monkey couldn’t say what is wrong.

Monkey and tonsillitis


Then one evening she was boiling to touch so thermometer at the ready 38.8 it read so more Calpol,

and I climbed into her bed to give her cuddles.

The next day I assumed it was her molars coming through although I didn’t remember what that was like with Keira.

But poor Evie she goes from being well to grotty within a day.
So having enough of watching her go through this and mentioned previously to Mr B about I thought it could be tonsillitis,

it’s at the back of the throat, and I felt assured that it was the molars.



The Next Day

while playing with the monkey and she coughed I noticed some white stuff,

I was like right ya bugger that’s what’s clogging her oesophagus up and continuing to make her ill.

Thankfully she laid down and allowed me to poke about when I realised that the phlegm wasn’t moving and did a general google search for tonsillitis pictures I felt sure it was that 100%.

Decided that we had to go to the doctors and see if even though the NHS website said it usually goes with Calpol and Ibuprofen but if persistent then seek medical advice.
I’m so glad I did, it is tonsillitis, and we now have antibiotics, a good nights sleep and woke up wanting breakfast and crisps,

so it’s made a difference.

link to NHS website for details about tonsillitis.

This means no nursery until Friday 48 hours of antibiotics to work.

So hopefully Friday monkey can play with her friends and the water.

It’s suggested 48 hours after bugs infect someone you can disinfect and kill off the rest of the nasties.


There are a lot of nasties flying around and I hope you’re feeling good

keep well, and come back soon 


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