Monday Musings

Monday Musings
Monday Musings 
My capsule wardrobe
Recently I have had so much fun doing my capsule wardrobe.
the main problems have been finding long lasting shoes.
I mean really how hard is it to find Tan and Black boots?


the above picture is my starting off sorting capsule wardrobe

In my case very. I was yay I have Tanned and black boots and a dark brown pair. Mum gave me a few pairs of shoes which were added to my capsule list, then I picked an outfit to wear and realised these size eight black ballet pumps just ain’t going to work… sob
so I’ve ordered this gorgeous pair of black and tan boots from Next
Black Riding Boots                                                              Tan Riding Boots


from Select
these loafers look on trend nautical style, the wrapped chain and gold trim beautiful, will go with a few of my outfits and a staple shoe for my capsule wardrobe.
Well, I hope you had a nice peek into my Monday Purchases?
Did you get anything I would love to look  …

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  1. 11th February 2016 / 2:06 PM

    We went shoe shopping for Jaxon on Tuesday, My mum got excited about all the shoes although I couldn’t find any I like. I literally live in my trainers all the time. I do think I need to start dressing more yummy and less slummy mummy but don’t entirely know where to start.

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