Katjes Magic Candy Factory Event

Katjes Magic Candy Factory Event

Katjes Magic Candy Factory have created the world’s first 3D gummy candy printer. It allows you to create truly customized, delicious treats where the only limit is your imagination!

All of the gummies which come from the Magic Candy Factory are vegan, gluten-free & dairy free. They are made with vegetable based gelling agents and all natural fruit and vegetable extracts to create something as natural as it is delicious.

Katjes Magic Candy Factory

It was so exciting getting to go lakeside for this event, for one I had never drove there before two I was getting to see my other blogger friend naomi who blogs at notaperfectparent with little Lola.



Initially I thought that it was a shop but it was a little section in the centre which was made up all lovely and very VIP looking!

KK was excited to see the machine at work and watched with fascination. Had to admit I was like watching a film the technology put into making just gummie sweets was unbelievable.

Was having talks with Naomi and in the hope maybe these machines would also be a great use for making things in the medical world, blew me away to think how many people waiting for donations could have that halved through pioneering machinery.

After the machine done its magic we got to sample the final product have to say it was rather tasty and moreish

The cupcakes were fantastic.

gummie sweets

Given that they was gluten and dairy free you would assume that they wouldn’t have a Flavoursome taste but to be honest it was as if I was eating a typical gummie sweet.

After sampling an ample amount monkey enjoyed this part to! We made our way to Wagamama- never been to before so Naomi introduced me, I had previously got the chance to make katsu curry -here-

And wanted to know if mine was just as good as Wagamama’s so that was what I ordered, KK had chow mein and shared with monkey.

All I can say was wow really enjoyed that curry and now know what I need to do to make mine better!

Thank you for reading about this event

Have you tried any of these yummy gummies?

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