James and the Amazing Gift (Book Review)

James and the Amazing Gift  (Book Review)


James and the Amazing Gift

James and the Amazing Gift is about a little boy who loves to smile and spread happiness wherever he goes. It’s an uplifting and positive book with a lovely underlying message.

“Once there was a boy called James. From the moment he was born it was clear that there was something special about him. He just loved to smile.”



28th Oct 2016

ISBN: 9781788036627

Price: £7.99

*£1 from every copy sold is going to raise funds for UK charity Contact the Elderly.


has wanted to be a writer ever since she can remember. She has worked nationally and internationally as a Journalist, Radio Newsreader, TV Producer and Reporter, before moving into a career in Communications. Nicola also runs her own successful photography business, specialising in children and families, weddings and commercial imagery.



James and the Amazing Gift

What an absolutely lovely read, I was brought up to be kind to others and my mum’s motto daily is a smile,  and give time to those even if they didn’t seem like they needed you to natter with them.

people now days hide there lonely, a smile a word comforting chat especially for the older generation to which seems to get ignored and sadly need more people around them, this book shows compassion where it seems to be dwindling in the coming years.

“never forget at some point we will be old and frail, and alone.”


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James and the Amazing Gift

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