Interview – Vanessa Fewings – enthrall sessions

Interview – Vanessa Fewings – enthrall sessions
Vanessa Fewings
Vanessa Fewings

Hi Vanessa, 


Thank you so much for letting me interview you about your current book series Enthrall, I have been lucky enough to listen to two books so far thank you! 

Hi Clarissa, thank you so much for inviting me over. I’m thrilled to be here and hang out with you awhile. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the ENTHRALL SESSIONS.

Enthrall Sessions

To start off What interested you in writing? Did you enjoy English and literature at school? 

I recall writing my first book when I was around nineyears-old. So I started early and it was obviously a passion I would one day grow into. I loved English and literature. Writing seemed very natural. I just remember being excited to write my own stories and I even designed my book covers.    

At first how did you feel your family and friends would react to your style of writing?

My family are very supportive of my writing and the genres I write in. I joke with them that they’re not allowed to read my more erotic work but they all have a great sense of humor. They’re very open-minded. 

Essentially, I write about love. 

Where do you see your series The Enthrall Sessions going in the future, can you see a film being made or a theatre play? 

Seeing my books transformed into a movie or a TV show would be wonderful. I know many of the fans of the series would love to see Cameron and Richard come alive is this way to. So, I’m hoping for this as much as they are. 

 The first book in the series is being released on March 1st in France by J’AI LU publishing, and will be titled: VIP Los Angeles L’initiation. I’m thrilled to share the series with this beloved country and I’m excited to see Mia embraced by new fans. 


For the BDSM did you attend any facilities to get perspective on establishments like chrysalis? 

All my research came from reading up on the subject and via online searches. Though most of what I created in the style and design of the clubs Enthrall and Chrysalis came from my imagination. 

In the Enthrall Sessions the manor serves as a therapeutic environment and I loved that aspect of it. Dr. Cameron Cole, the director and owner is a qualified psychiatrist with a flair for challenging cases. It’s very much fantasy. Though there has been some interesting research coming out of Europe about how pain is utilized in addiction therapy as a cure for the distress it causes.  

Where did you get the characters for each person? are they from people you know or imagined?

Most of the characters are created by my imagination. They kind of turn up and tell me their names and act consistently in a certain way. It’s a magical process.  

 Though one particular character is heavily influenced by someone I know and that’s Cameron. Yes, he’s really out there ladies. 😉  

From this series of books what one is your favourite? And why?

They all hold a special place in my heart but if I was to choose one it would be ENTHRALL HER. There’s a pivotal scene with Mia and Cameron as he unlocks a subconscious trauma in her and releases psychological pain she’s carried since a teenager. 

 I hope it’s as profoundly moving to read as it was to write. 

If you were to make a film who would you want as your main characters? 

There’s so many talented actors out there it would be challenging to choose just one. But when the time comes I look forward to being involved with finding the right actor for the role and seeing my reader’s vision realized. 

Are there authors you took inspiration from in your writing career? And why? 

I’ve always been inspired by Anne Rice, not just for her writing but for her passion for activism and the care she takes to reach out to her readers. So many authors set a great example for this, from JK Rowling to Stephen King, whose book ‘On Writing’ was a wonderful influence on my writing. 

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Becoming a published author and receiving praise from readers for my stories was a great motivator to continue to create. Luckily, I’m disciplined and organized so I can balance writing with everything else that goes along with writing a book. 

Also, the more you write the more you develop your craft.  

Million dollar question, are you working on another book?

The Chase

I’m so incredible excited about my next series. 


The ICON Trilogy is my new romance series based in the art world and the first book is set for release on June 6th.THE CHASE, THE GAME & THE PRIZE are all available for pre-order. You’ll also be able to purchase them in stores. 


This is my first time writing for Harlequin and it’s a true joy.  

If you would Like to purchase Links to Amazon are bellow, * Affiliate Links* 

Lastly I’d like to thank you for your time and I look forward to listening to the rest of 

the Enthrall sessions

I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the ENTHRALL SESSIONS on audio. All the novels are also audiobooks and it was a pleasure working with the talented voice actors and seeing their interpretation of the characters. 

Thank you for inviting me over, Clarissa.

Embrace it

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