Hello September

well Hello you lot,
and I hope you have been well? I am so sorry I haven’t blogged for a little bit
I have been thinking about being more out there with my Life and taking the plunge with a lot of different things to which I have been able to gain access of for a small price to pay and I so can’t wait to tell you all about it ..
OK phew where to start !!
I enrolled into my local college for a year-long course in CACHE level 2 children and young peoples workforce, start date is 9th September 9:15 start !
yes this means the alarm is now set and clothes are out ready for the next day, I am sure I will get used to the 3 days at college and the 2 days in work placement,
I have managed to get my CRB check and placement sorted out before most of my class, I do feel for a couple of them as it got a bit daunting with tutor explaining it all, I’m looking forward to getting the syllabus pack so that I know what units there are and where it will all combine together..
ohh I even managed to get my placement so I can start on 10th so that’s first day as a Teaching Assistant !
I really in all my life never envisaged myself in a teacher/ assistant role but I’m universal and eclectic I have many qualities to which I can offer as an employee.
teacher said after finishing this I could walk into a well paid job, and I will earn more then just one qualification on top of CACHE level 2 children and young peoples workforce, I will also gain Pediatric first Aid certificate  and food hygiene certificate (unsure if I am missing one)
but that is kinda exciting stuff ?
my first day in class was as you can imagine full of all the information that the tutors need to give out so all people get there heads just about right lol
I seem to of also made a few friends which is kinda cool so we shall see every ones personalities, strengths and weaknesses this way we have been told to assess each other and help one another in class.
with that I will leave you and save the rest for another day ..


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