Go Ahead Breakfast Bar [ Review ]

I was lucky to be sent a big silver box, containing so delicious go ahead products!

I had tried some before, but this was a new selection to add to the range.

There was two packs of cookies chocolate and orange, and white chocolate and raspberry.

These were so good to have in my bag in the car, as most things go being a mum means nothing is ever yours and monkey took a liking to my goodies so in the car when she was moaning go ahead came into play.

I have to say I’m not a breakfast person it’s a huge downfall since breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
I just can’t deal with the washing up drying and putting away I loved I had a handy slice, and there are three generous slices in each pack. And at the end throw the packet away!
No washing up drying or put away eat and throw.

I calculated how many days I would have of eating a breakfast and noticed with eating the slices my energy levels didn’t drop and I didn’t need a nap.

I couldn’t choose a favourite out of all the go ahead I was sent they were all delicious, was so upset to of come to the end of the pack, so I went and got some more this time was a cherry one mmm

In the set, flavours included were
yogurt breaks
fab forest fruit
sassy strawberry
cute red cherry
totally tropical
radiant raspberry
there are 5 packs with 2 slices

crispy slices has 5 packs and 3 slices RRP 1.65
a-peeling apple
fab forest fruit
radiant raspberry
ooh orange
cute red cherry
blissfull blueberry
sassy strawberry

fruity bakes 6 in a pack and retail 1.99
a peeling apple
sassy strawberry

there inexpensive and handy for popping in your bag for a treat as I had said earlier Monkey quite enjoyed having a nibble as well


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Fully stocked with my #goahead #breakfasts wondering what one to have tomorrow @goahead #smartsnack

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After a rather cruddy night im glad im stocked up with my #goahead yoghurt breakfast bars #snacksmart @goahead

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Slimming world syns

Go Ahead Strawberry bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Apple Bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Crispy fruit slices all varieties per slice 3.0 syns
Go Ahead Raspberry/Strawberry fruit bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Strawberry bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks, Forest fruit, twin pack 18g slice 3.5 syns
Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks, strawberry, twin pack, 18g slice 3.5 syns
Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks, Tropical, twin pack 18g slice 4.0 syns

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