Fantastic Beast’s Funko Pop

Fantastic Beast’s Funko Pop

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

well, I have been doing some sniffling around and found some Fantastic Beasts Funko pop bargains,

Smyth’s had four funko pops but now down to three.

I am completely in love with the Magical World that J.K.Rowling has brought us into 

the books to the movies the studio tour (which I have been to!) 

It’s all So MAGICAL


Amazon links are affiliated.

this means if you decided to purchase through my link I will earn some pennies,

this helps me out with my collection * THANK YOU *

fantastic beasts 1

Smyths Funko Pops

Queenie 7.99

Seraphina 5.00

Tina  9.99

TOTAL 22.98

Amazon prices * affiliate Links*

TOTAL 22.58


Fantastic Beasts

Hope you enjoyed this Fantastic Beasts post?

whats your Favourite character? 

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