Face your Fears week 21st-26th October

Face your Fears week 21st-26th October
So this is face your fears week! 
I certainly think I will be doing that this half term, especially with the line up we have planned. 
Family fun and days out wickedly wicked to terrifying tree top heights seriously I have never had so many tasks ahead of me i’m scared and excited to be trying so many new things thats for sure!
21st – Ripley’s Wicked READ 
22 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar READ 
24 –  Rest Day
25 – Kidtropolis READ 
26 – Rest day 
27 – Muck Boot at Kew Gardens 
28 – Slimefest READ 
These are all what we have to look forward to, can’t wait to vlog and blog about it all! so many things I never would of got to do if I hadn’t been pushed to try. 
I actually waited until the end of all events so I can put the photographs in, and link up the days so it’s like a diary. 
Hope you enjoyed reading about our manic Halloween! 

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