2016 – Bujo

2016 – Bujo


Hi ya, you lovely lot,
And wow it’s 2016 !! Woohooo 365 days to make changes what will we do ??

I’ve made sure to try and stick to some promises I’ve made myself.


1. To see friends and family more.
2. Input a list every day – sounds mad but I have to say in order to function I NEED Lists.

So I have been following daily my BUJO.


Along with these, I have also thought about beauty treatments and things to try- everyone needs a bit of pampering now and then..

To start off, I went to a lovely lady Sarah who you can find here.

She was doing January special offer for a mini deep facial and a full body massage, given that I don’t see my sister so much and I owed her a treat for Christmas I figured why not have it myself as well.

Prior to having the massage I wasn’t sleeping properly woke up in pain and was waking up during the night.

I can say my sleep is so much better and hot stone massage has been recommended to help the deeper knots and tightening areas. So that’s one for treatment list.

Hammanah Turkish bath and exfoliation is most definitely one to try


Well, I’m hoping to find planner peace.. ok in the Filofax and bullet journal world, this is being organised almost like your own Personal Assistant.
I have bought two Leuchtturm1917 one in a grey and the other in teal/ tiffany blue.
I have two as one for personal use for life family and such.
Secondly is for my blog I need to organise and separate things.

Now with a bullet journal –

a brief explanation of myself I am a lister, there I said it.

I have to do to-do lists to get motivated and get things done.

 So my #bujo will house everything I need like a diary but easier for my head to do.


































so far this concept has been working very well for me..


what things do you do to keep organised daily plans?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! I would love to hear!



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  1. 11th February 2016 / 2:08 PM

    I love my bullet journal – in fact, I’m currently working on it. I’m drawing out a tick chart for watching episodes of Doctor Who – I went back to the Christopher Eccleston episodes a while ago and started there, so now I’m up to the Matt Smith episodes so will need to work back wards and tick off the ones I’ve rewatched and then start ticking off from the very beginning.

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