Buddy Holly The Story – Review

Buddy Holly The Story – Review

Forget to feel good, Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story is FEEL GREAT!

Experience the drama, of Buddy Holly! 
passion and excitement as a cast of talented actors and musicians tell Buddy Holly’s story,
from his meteoric rise to fame. to his final legendary performance at The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.


Featuring two terrific hours of the greatest songs ever written.


1. That’ll Be The Day,
2.Oh Boy,
3. Rave On,
4. La Bamba,
5. Chantilly Lace,
6. Johnny B. Goode,
7. Raining In My Heart,
8. Everyday,
Shout and much much more, this show is just Peggy Sue

Everybody Loves Rock and Roll!

Everybody loves a bit of rock and roll! and buddy was one of the biggest out there to bless us with it, A bit of Foot tapping hand clapping thigh-slapping fun.

At the age of 19, Buddy shook the world and bring us from country music to going with his heart and passion.

It was fantastic how the producer has kept this show going for twenty years. it’s shown all over, and people go back for all their generations to see the story of Buddy.

You grow to love buddy! the determination he had as he faced so many barriers, true to form he did things his way even down to his spectacles

The history of the passion he had for creating his music and creating a new era is part of the reason you grow to love him.

“I don’t want to do country music anymore”

you can hear Buddy whale at his KDAV radio station manager DJ HIGH POCKETS.
after ripping the set into a Rock’ n’ Roll Fest some called in complaining some loved the new style music.

It’s evident to see
what buddy put his mind to he followed with force even with his friends and manager do the unthinkable.

All the way through watching his character grow I knew the horrendous end buddy would meet.
somehow hoping inside he just takes the bus, after all being a little cold beat being dead right?

The winter dance party in Iowa. buddy and his co-stars the Big Bopper and Richie Valen’s had a chartered aeroplane to go Minnesota.
tragically the snowstorm proved too strong! and took the lives of music legends, the day music died.

we know and love today many artists took inspiration from the rock n roll

Bob Dylan, John Lennon from the Beatles Eric Clapton to name a few that Buddy’s music inspired.

I was excited to hear that’ll be the day before me

A Poignant reminder he most definitely was a go-getter
as soon as he clapped eyes on Maria Elena,
Buddy knew then he was going to marry her, and he did.

Alex Fobbester who played the part of Buddy Holly was accurate and did a fantastic job

As did the other actors it was amazing to see the story of Buddy Holly and the music we have.
Each of the ensembles put a lot of heart and soul into their performances and It was a pleasure to watch,
although I wasn’t sure if Richie Valens was portrayed quite how I remember him but it did add humour to the show,

Well done team truly inspirational and part of History

That’ll be the day

Every day

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