Baby Swimming Confidence Class with Fusion PT 2

Baby Swimming Confidence Class with Fusion PT 2
When Roxanne was telling us what we had to do, I was worried in case Evie hit me in the process of trying to follow instruction,
we sang Humpty Dumpty, where the baby went on the side of the pool and then when he bumped his head back in the water.
It was to show them getting in and out of the water for the next step; it was to let them “swim” to the edge and know how to climb out of the pool safely and with confidence.
I was unsure if even would have the patients to pull herself up, but she did and with ease. In theory, when she is at the side of a pool, Evie should know how to get out if needed. They used repetitions the more you practice, the easier it becomes to remember.
With lots of blowing and splashing to get them kicking their feet and then blowing to encourage breathing before heading under the water.
Then the scary bit, Evie hadn’t been under the water before but I trusted Roxanne and she went to her with no issues. Started with the regular encourage to swim movements and then looked at her and blew in her face (this was to make sure she breathed in before heading under) she did well and didn’t react to shocked when she came to the surface, the photographs and filming are amazing.
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In the end, we said our thank yous and goodbyes, Evie didn’t want to get out as she was having fun, which is a good sign for the class.
Overall our experience was fantastic; I’m thankful I was able to get photographs of our session something I got emotional over.
Roxanne was wonderfully warm and friendly; we even got a goodie bag with Dory bits and a little booklet of the different swim stages if you take lessons it’s a little passport if you will. I found that cute, I like little booklets like that, shows dates when achieved the target and I love certificates and badges, Keira used to go to a swim school.
In schools children only go swimming for one year, I think national curriculum needs to make swimming more of a need to learn safety is a must.
As I live close to the glass mill leisure centre, I’m going to see what age would be good for Evie to start attending lessons.
Roxanne is the head swimming teacher and is ASA (Amature Swimming Association), qualified which primarily helps your children or yourself in progressing at swimming; you assessed at each stage the ASA have a framework to which each person works for. Fusion Lifestyle is fully equipped to provide a fun and enjoyable lesson.
Shots of our ASA booklet, I believe when each level completed you received a
certificate with the child’s name and date target was achieved.
Swim Confidence Fusion
name and dated along with a swimming badge that gets sewn onto the swimming costume.
I believe Knowledge is power and the key to survival!
There sadly has been so many young children dying through drowning, whether it is on the beach or the bath, provide your child with the know how early enough to prevent deaths.
I hope you have enjoyed my Posts and “Just Keep Swimming”

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