Autism Journey

autism Journey from the beginning signs, assessment day and moving into coping with prejudice and enjoying life, exploring the outside

Autism Journey can make you feel alone Isolated and put up barriers, I aim to help inspire people that Autism and the differences including the difficulties can be overcome and open up the world of communication.

non-verbal, pre-verbal and speech problems can be frustrating but there are ways around connecting

Rainman is that all Autistic People?

Rainman is that all Autistic People? If you look at all the media representation from Dustin Hoffman’s Rainman to Mercury Rising and the Good Doctor it seems to be moving in a more positive direction. Before you would only assume…

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We Live By The Sea

  We Live By The Sea Greenwich Theatre is a new theatre for me to visit, it’s also not too far from me! I was happy to be asked to review We live by the sea. Until now I had…

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An Open Letter

An open letter  I am writing An Open Letter to the Ladies in the soft play centre. Today started off pretty good, aside from last night where Monkey had a sore ear and tummy and wasn’t calming down, I thought it…

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Everyday May not be good

Every day may not be good Every day may not be good, A poignant reminder. that we all have days where we want to hide in bed all day! and wish the days over I know I’ve wished the last…

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Autism Assessment Day Monkey

Autism Assessment Day Another day another nervous appointment, Autism Assessment Day. it’s the not knowing and waiting, wanting it to be over that it does not matter what the results as there are things being put in place for January.…

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Autie mums chat

Autie mum chat Here is the opening series of ‘Autie mum chat’ two friends with two children living on the Autistic Spectrum. Talking about things, getting it off our chest at the end of a tough day, crying and then have a laugh and the…

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Anticipated day – new journeys

Anticipated Day Autistic Or Naughty? The day that we’ve anticipated is the day we had the assessment date to see if KK is autistic or just naughty? The day came filled with nerves I drove to the clinic in plenty…

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