40 things to do before forty

40 things to do before forty

40 before Forty

Inspired Stevie over at a cornish mum.
Got me thinking were the same, seven years until I hit the BIG 40! I do have to admit; it is scary to think about it.
But putting a bucket list together helps focus on the positive side of turning forty.
  1. Lose 30 lbs
  2. Have a capsule wardrobe
  3. Move to my forever home!
  4. Get new lounge furniture (as mine is second hand)
  5. Go Iceland to see the northern lights, sleep with a capsule glass roof and a husky ride.
  6. Get a drone!
  7. Give blood
  8. Pay off debts
  9. Get better at film editing
  10. Visit Harry Potter studio
  11. Watch matilda on stage
  12. Visit Anne Frank annexe
  13. Publish an ebook
  14. Go to the Galapagos island, Ecuador to see the turtles and the views.
  15. Upgrade my photography skills
  16. Get better handwriting
  17. Do a full month Britmums challenge!
  18. Be better at planning events and things.
  19. Go to Disney land Paris again, as both girls got ill.
  20. Blog consistently
  21. Get better with my writing
  22. Establish a routine, and stick to it!
  23. Go snorkeling
  24. Have a budget and stick to it.
  25. Learn French
  26. Holiday in Cornwall
  27. Make friends with another blogger
  28. Start an exercise plan, pilates and stick to it.
  29. Watch matilda on stage
  30. Drive to Preston to visit family.
  31. Drive to Plymouth
  32. Grow vegetables.
  33. Be nominated for a blog category
  34. Go Morrocco
  35. Have a themed Christmas
  36. take an evening lesson
  37. bullet journal better
  38. be organised ! ha
  39. meet with an old penfriend  Austria / Russia
  40. take a cookery class
What do you think of my list is there anything else you can think of to go along with this or anything to add?



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