Review: Katsu Curry Recipe

Review: Katsu Curry Recipe
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Katsu Curry Recipe

So with my want to have a real flair, ok more Nigella in the kitchen I am taking on more food recipes to try!
Don’t you get bored with the same foods?
Well your not alone and were given a chance to try Katsu curry.
I Love a curry!
I’ve started to up my heat platelet before I was chicken tikka masala, korma or a lamb rogan josh.
Then braving it, chicken jalfrezi ordered, and to my surprise it was great, I try to have this when I have a nasty cold blow away the cobwebs.
With trying new types of flavours, We were sent a Yutaka Kit that can be purchased here, and with following the instructions and having the correct ingredients to make Katsu curry
* note to self, be sure flour is still to date.
Egg I think two would have been ideal,
And cut the chicken into smaller pieces as cooking time was slow!
Three bowls
– Egg
– Flour
– panko
– Chicken
Chicken was to be dipped in flour, egg and then the crisp coat, then in a pan again * note to self-smaller manageable pieces
Transfer to pan and hot oil. Until golden and cooked throughout.
In another pan, 1 tbsp of oil add one chopped onion, while that’s cooking boil 500 ml water and get a tray of katsu paste ready to pop in and melt.
In another pot, long grain rice is cooking with added sweetcorn for five a day.
Katsu Curry Recipe Review
The result, with fussy eaters, was a good try I’ll be doing again!

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