Carolyn Maitland

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much for letting me interview you about your current role in Ghost The Musical, playing leading female role, Molly Jensen.

No problem 🙂

To start off What interested you in working with Bill Kenwright's production of Ghost the Musical, With the Orchard Theatre for this project?
And Had you seen any of his previous work?

1st off it's a really lovely part, so when I got the opportunity to audition I jumped at the chance.
I had never seen BKL's production of Ghost but I had seen the original west end production & the film.
But I have worked on a Bill Kenwright production, Jekyll & Hyde with the lovely Marti Pellow 🙂

With such an Iconic film played by Demi Moore, how do you feel you portrayed Molly?

Hopefully with integrity & truthfulness! I'm only just starting my 3rd week as Molly here in Torquay, Devon.
So I still have many exciting months ahead of me to find lots of layers & colour to add into my interpretation.