Face your Fears week 21st-26th October

So this is face your fears week! 
I certainly think I will be doing that this half term, especially with the line up we have planned. 
Family fun and days out wickedly wicked to terrifying tree top heights seriously I have never had so many tasks ahead of me i'm scared and excited to be trying so many new things thats for sure!
21st - Ripley's Wicked READ 
22 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar READ 
24 -  Rest Day
25 - Kidtropolis READ 
26 - Rest day 
27 - Muck Boot at Kew Gardens READ 
28 - Slimefest READ 
These are all what we have to look forward to, can't wait to vlog and blog about it all! so many things I never would of got to do if I hadn't been pushed to try. 
I actually waited until the end of all events so I can put the photographs in, and link up the days so it's like a diary. 
Hope you enjoyed reading about our manic Halloween! 



It's no secret that every year we all vowel to make goals and targets and we're often aiming far to high, so setting out on that venture is undoubtedly doomed before we start!

The long term, ultimate goal should be in 3-5 years, in between that should be micro goals with actions to take.

Finding inspiration from movies is always a good starting point, I find that they give your mind imagination and ideas that you generally would not of thought about.

* Bridges of Madison County

* Joyful Noise

* The Bucket List

* Cake

* The Blind Side


These are a selection of five films I think for me will give me some momentum.

The Bucket list I have wanted to watch for a long time Morgan Freeman is a fantastic actor and a positive influence.

The movies are selected due to the feel of them everyone knows life isn't smooth running and likes to throw in the odd curve ball, I feel watching inspirational and uplifting genres help you see even when you feel all is lost, somewhere, somehow there's a way out of that deep dark hole you feel your never going to escape.

Take blindside, for instance ! about a young man that is blind unwanted by his parents and put into the care system, Sandra bullock finds him and takes what is seemingly a hard nut to crack, as most people when you have been hurt many times seeing the good in people is often hard and you keep a tight wall up. 


I find films that are emotional but enlightening a good way to see the potential of positive in the situations that seem like a never ending battle. 

We all feel like that daily and sometimes taking time out and re evaluating the situation writing things down, helps put things into perspective. 


Maybe choose a film or two that I've selected you can find them > here  <

[ I was sent the selected films to carry out my #newyearnewyou campaign, I'm hoping to be inspired all words are my own opinions]

In The Night Garden Winner

In The Night Garden Family Ticket Winner
In The Night Garden Family Ticket Winner

Thank you to everyone who took part in my Family Ticket to In The Night Garden Live Show ! Congratulations to Mrs Louise Miller WELL Done please email me 



Snap Happy Britmums April 2016

I decided to help me start to blog more often I decided to do a challenge for April.


so far posting on Twitter and Instagram, seeing other #mummybloggers pictures of there little ones is lovely,

 photo with-love-from-the-stevenson-family_zps57shfoki.jpg


Monkey after #1yearjabs #mmr #15months #babygirl

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This was taken not long after monkeys jabs bless her heart I hate it, but chocolate made things better 🙂


@BritMums #lifestyleblogger #mumblog #toddler #SnapHappyBritMums Day2- #nails

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Day 2 was #Nails, I know my nails look ok but they are poorly looked after and I miss my falsies that always looked polished – French Manicure I always find beautifully stylish.


Day 3 #ball #SnapHappyBritMums sphere at the aquarium, kk enjoying the sea life. #pbloggers #mumblog #lifestyleblogger #tween

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Day 3 #Ball we visited the Aquarium KK got into a global sphere shape to take a closer look at the seahorses in front of her, she looks mesmerized


#SnapHappyBritMums @BritMums day 4 #laugh monkey in #sensoryplay

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Day 4 #laugh KK didnt want to come out today so perfect oppertunity to check out a new play centre that has opened up with monkey, as you can see she loved it and squealed loads of smiles playing with other toddlers, I must of had a massive smile on my face as my cheeks hurt at the end of the day – I will do a blog post soon on this day


@BritMums #SnapHappyBritMums day 5 #children #familyfun #lifestyleblogger #mumblog

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Day 5 #children prompt and I took this shot prior to moving the car, love the freedom we have now trips to places take so much less time then before. kk loves sitting next to monkey. xx

Day 6- #sun OK,ok bit of a cop out but today I had planned to meet my sister and go cinema have a lovely day, but my poor KK woke up being sick so we had to stay in.
the weather was far from sunny and then the postie came and dropped this ray of #sunshine amber pumpkin teething necklace. – will write a review on this in a few weeks time. but It is beautiful.

please link up with your posts Id love to see what your photographs are.


Merry Christmas

Would just like to take this time to say a Merry Christmas, hope your day was filled with happiness and joy!

Look forward to reading your gift blogs and continuing in 2016 in the blog life !!

Hello September !


Well Hello There September, I must say this year is going oh so quickly.

Even more so seeing my little Princess Grow so fast in front of me, 9 months old such a happy little princess, Ladybug is now going into year 5 wow so scary she will be secondary before I know it!

as you see from my past update I have been following Konmari method, visualisation is key and listen to your inner voice and follow your heart. I am so hoping to reduce a lot of materialistic things and really keep what we need and love, eventually I see myself having more time to make more food from scratch, and possibly my own skincare along the lines of essential oils and scrubs.

I am all for Eco-friendly living less waste and being creative, to the other side of things I know Ladybug is sensitive to other people and how they live, an example I shall share with you.

we was in our local town centre, I was looking for things for Autumn and winter wear.. to name a few the elusive denim jacket, denim shirt, jeggings and leggings, the Chelsea boots and basic wear tops for ladybug, and also Princess getting her some lovely items for the new seasons.. may have to make a little lookbook style for the girls eventually I’d love to do a capsule wardrobe but that’s work in progress how about you ?
where do you shop for yourselves and little ones? and what is your must have this season ??

Quick Update

Hi ya

you lovely lot well I know it has been AGES… since I blogged last and vlogged but don’t worry I have soooo much to tell you,
but all in good time !
I hope your well and ready for the onset of the Summer holidays with the children :0)