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#Spookysenses Num Noms

Num Noms 

I was recently sent Num Noms Crispy M Mallow Brains recipe to give a try


Very similar to how we made a snack when I was younger so was fun to do this,
please ensure that you have all the correct equipment and not improvise as I did, managed to do it but I remained calm and carried on
Adding the pink and white marshmallows 200g to a bowl, above a boiling pan of water to help melt, add the 30g of butter
when the marshmallow is stringy consistency, take off the heat, adding rice crisps stirring until covered.

Get two large bowls and wet hands * must wet hands, and work fast or you will become a melted mess!

With damp hands scooping up the mixture making oval shapes, I made around twelve in all, refrigerate and then add the gory details veins in the brain, very zombified



We took inspiration from M. Mallow num nom how darn cute is she? Although what We had wasn’t so sweet!


What Num Nom is your most favourite ? And why?

Happy Halloween From Us!



Bright Starts Giggling burger | Review

Stack and play with the whirling Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Stack N Spin Burger!

A burger full of ingredients, babies can stack and reorder the burger whatever way they like. Once the burger is stacked, your baby can press the light-up button and send the burger spinning until it collapses onto the floor and leaves your baby giggling away!

  • The fun doesn’t have to stop there; children can stack the burger again and continue the fun!
    Easy to grasp pieces
  • Light up button to spin burger
  • Pieces tumble to the floor Combines fun, music and motion.

Our Thoughts

We brought the Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Stack N Spin Burger for Evie, mainly because of the bright colours of the tomato and lettuce; it’s easy to retrieve from the box, unlike some children’s toys that are high security.
We had the batteries required, and it works on the basis like a stacking toy meaning one ring on top of the other, but the top is the burger bun. The added difference the stack N Spin offers is as described; you press the button. Evie loves pressing buttons at the moment! So this is the perfect incentive to encourage interaction as it makes the rings slowly spin around, it’s as if the burger is real as its giggling.
Evie enjoys playing with this product, as it kept her amused while we were in Brighton due to the fact it has bright Primary colours they entice the child’s eyes to be on them as its visually appealing.

bright starts burger

watching Evie play with Bright starts giggling burger I can see her fine motor skills adapting from the repetition of stacking and the pushing of the button, the cutest thing is hearing her laugh when holding the base, and the burger is spinning, the vibrations she gets is fun for her.

Definitely A fab purchase!