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Buddy Holly Story

The Buddy Holly Story

Forget to feel good, Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story is FEEL GREAT!

Experience the drama, passion and excitement as a cast of phenomenally talented actors and musicians tell Buddy Holly’s story, from his meteoric rise to fame to his final legendary performance at The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Featuring two terrific hours of the greatest songs ever written, including That’ll Be The Day, Oh Boy, Rave On, La Bamba, Chantilly Lace, Johnny B. Goode, Raining In My Heart, Everyday, Shout and much much more, this show is just Peggy Sue

Everybody loves a bit of rock and roll, and buddy was one of the biggest out there to bless us with it, A bit of Foot tapping hand clapping thigh-slapping fun.

At just a mear age of 19, Buddy shook the world and bring us from country music to going with his heart and passion.

It was fantastic how the producer Richard Porter, has kept this show going for twenty years it's shown all over, and people go back for all their generations to see the story of Buddy.

You grow to love buddy the determination he had as he faced so many barriers, true to form he did things he's way even down to his spectacles

learning history the passion he had for creating his music and creating a new era is part of the reason you grow to love him.

Me with the Producer Richard Porter

"I don’t want to do country music anymore" you can hear Buddy whale at his KDAV radio station manager DJ High Pockets, after ripping the set into a Rock’ n’ Roll Fest some called in complaining some loved the new style music.

It's evident to see what buddy put his mind to he followed with force even with his friends and manager do the unthinkable.

All the way through watching his character grow I knew the horrendous end buddy would meet, somehow hoping inside he just takes the bus, after all being a little cold would beat being dead right?

The winter dance party in Iowa buddy and his co-stars the big Bopper and Richie Valen's had a chartered aeroplane to go Minnesota, tragically the snowstorm proved too strong and took the lives of music legends, the day music died.

we know and love today many artists took inspiration from the rock n roll
Bob Dylan, John Lennon from the Beatles Eric Clapton to name a few that Buddy's music inspired.

I was excited to hear that'll be the day before me
Poignant reminder he most definitely was a go-getter as soon as he clapped eyes on Maria Elena, Buddy knew then he was going to marry her, and he did.

Alex Fobbester who played the part of Buddy Holly I feel was accurate and did a fantastic job
as did the other actors and actresses it was amazing to see the story of buddy Holly and what made the music we have each of the ensemble put a lot of heart and sole into their performances and It was a pleasure to watch, although I wasn’t sure if Richie Valens was portrayed quite how I remember him but it did add humour to the show,
well done team truly inspirational and part of History

Peggy Sue

That’ll be the day

Every day

Richie Valens

well worth th 4/ 5 stars
The First Hippo On The Moon FI

The First Hippo On the moon

The First Hippo On The Moon

From Number One bestselling Children’s author David Walliams comes an explosively funny space adventure for children of 3 and up. Two fat hippos. One ENORMOUS dream. Who can make it to the moon first? The First Hippo on the Moon is playing at The Churchill Theatre until this Saturday.

3 ...2 ...1 ...BLAST OFF!

David Walliams has taken the literary world by storm, and his brilliantly funny stories are adored by children the world over! He has achieved unprecedented critical acclaim and quickly developed a reputation as a natural successor to Roald Dahl. His books have been translated into over 45 languages and sold over 9.5 million copies in the UK alone. 

The First Hippo On The Moon


Funny story to this show.. we all know David Walliams for his comedy and him in general, so I was interested to see how and if he was able to pull off entertaining children to go beside us adults.
When I saw The First Hippo On The Moon advertised I booked it up, sadly the theatre had to cancel my day it was showing, and I was unable to see the other days due to other commitments.


When I was given a chance to see it again, I snatched that opportunity up like nothing.

The auditorium wasn't very full but in a way was more of an intimate setting.
We were able to have seats close to the stage which was beneficial for the monkey, not a very long concentration span and with the autism, with possible ADHD it's hard to know if I'll have to grab her out of the show.

The First Hippo On The Moon

The stage was set up, and it felt like we were in the jungle, I have to admit it was a good show I loved the three types of variations that were used, on stage human-sized puppets, on stage mini puppets for the moon scene, and the television puppets.
I was very impressed with how three people were able to master and stay in sync with the monkey's movements, and Evie had fun dancing to some of Sheila's songs.

I feel there was a strong message le petit theatre and David Walliams had to bring to the younger generation, always have a dream and keep reaching for it, but don't discredit people that have helped you along the way.

David Walliams has a few more theatre productions going on, and I honestly look forward to getting a chance to see them.

The First Hippo On The Moon
The First Hippo On The Moon

Mamma Mia! – Musical

Mamma Mia!

Well if you haven't danced to Abba go get your disco clobber on and party like it's the 60's

Featuring the songs of ABBA, Mamma Mia! is the ultimate feel-good show now playing at the Novello Theatre in London’s West End.

Over 54 million people all around the world have fallen in love with the characters, the story and the music that make MAMMA MIA! the world’s sunniest and most exhilarating smash-hit musical!

Writer Catherine Johnson’s comic tale unfolds on a beautiful Greek island and features 27 of ABBA’s best known songs including Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You, Super Trouper and Mamma Mia!

This enchanting, magical tale of love, laughter and friendship ensures that every night the whole audience has time of their lives!

Mamma Mia!-Musical


On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings 3 men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.


A fabulous, talented cast includes Mazz Murray as Tanya, Jo Napthine as Rosie, Gabriella Williams as Sheridan, James Darch as Sky, Louise Young as Ali, Stephanie Fearon as Lisa, Dan Partridge as Pepper and Rory Phelan as Eddie.  Sorelle Marshas Donna Sheridan, with Richard Trinder as Sam, Alasdair Harvey as Harry and Charles Daish as Bill. At certain performances, the role of Donna Sheridan will be played by Shona White.

Also in the cast are Tom Bowen, Adam Clayton-Smith, Jasmin Colangelo, Kate Coysten, Stephen John Davis, Katy Day, Olivia Kate Holding, George Ioannides, Alex Jordan-Mills, Craig Anthony Kelly, Sorelle Marsh, George Miller, Stacey Leanne Mills, Fergal McGoff, Ella Nonini, Katy Osborne, Robbie Scotcher, Brad Veitch, Caitlin Ward and Sasha Wareham.

Mamma Mia!

It's always fun to go to the theatre, I must admit going out with KK has been harder due to her autism and ADHD, I find it hard to stay calm and not tell her to stop doing things that will attract unwanted attention from people, over the years Ive had horrid comments and stares.

So being with Lou and Hope I feel a little more relaxed, and given it's a special performance for people to not hide there quirks.

The show set off with introductions of who was playing what part, which was fantastic extra step. Brightly light stage howling with laughter and keira singing along to the tunes, she absolutely had a great time and even wanted to see if there was more at the end!

This cast was different to the cast I had seen many moons ago, but it was still good kept the story running and had a lot of giggles along the way shows that you can be a strong independent woman, have love after loss, very endearing and touching storyline that shows sisterhood as a strong bond.

A lot can be learned from Mamma Mia, one things for sure looking in diarys unless allowed can lead to a very hard lesson . . . !

Mamma Mia!

Overall I would give Mama Mia 4/5 stars


Have you seen Mama Mia? Do you want to see it? What did you think of it ?

Review Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live!

Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live
Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live

well I know a few ladies would be Jealous of my latest visit to the Orchard Theatre, well Mr Bloom is there yes Ben Faulks I hear shrieks ?

Featuring all of the much loved elements of the TV show, Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks) will be joined by all his gardening friends: Margaret, Joan, Colin, Raymond and Sebastian, the lovable Wee MacGregors, and not forgetting Mr Bloom’s trusty machine ‘The Compostarium’. Come and sing along to all your favourite songs: This Is My Allotment, Meet The Veggies, The Compo Song and Night Night Veggies.


@mrbloomlive #mrbloomlive at @theorchardtheatre

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@theorchardtheatre waiting for mr bloom live

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Using song, play and interaction Mr Bloom’s Nursery is a fun and inspiring show with strong educational values which will entertain parents and tiddlers alike!

I loved how Mr Bloom tried to interact with the parents and entertain the children I know KK was enjoying it and was sad we had to leave, I don’t think 20 minuet interval is the greatest as keeping them entertained with no entertainment just a suggestion for children shows it there is an interval entertainer would be fab !

my Blogger friend over at NotaPerfectParent

gives her review of how they enjoyed it

Thanks for popping by

Review The Very hungry caterpillar on stage

The very hungry caterpillar

Having grown up reading The very hungry caterpillar and loving the story, being able to see it on stage played out was an amazing experience and to share that with monkey was memorable.
bringing books to a completely new level and concept was even more amazing , when I found out not only was it the very hungry caterpillar but three other stories Eric Carle wrote, made it even more spectacular.

Created by Jonathan Rockefeller, the critically acclaimed production of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show’ features a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets, faithfully adapting four of Eric Carle stories, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, Mister Seahorse, The Very Lonely Firefly and of course, the star of the show - The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


The bright colours captured the detail as though it was the page open being played in front of us. To see monkey smile and enjoy the show was a great feeling the cast and production team put a lot of attention to detail in not just the one but all four books.

Eric’s well-known books captivated readers with his iconic colorful hand-painted tissue paper collage illustrations and distinctively simple stories,
introducing generations of children to a bigger, brighter world - and to their first experience of reading itself.

Photography was allowed, this excited me immensely.

What I also found interesting was the children's focus on what was going on in the stage.
So much careful detail was put into the puppets and the choreography of the play was played out smoothly.

we went to see this at The Orchard Theatre


would give this show 4 out of 5

Wonderland Musical

Wonderland is an enchanting musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, with a huge heart, a medley of magic and a whole lot of wonder.

With Kerry Ellis as Alice

And the rest of the cast as follows - 

Wendi Peters - Queen of hearts

David Willetts -white rabbit

Stephen Webb -Jack

Natalie McQueen -Mad Hatter

Dominic Owen - Cheshire Cat

Ben Kerr - March Hare

Naomi Morris - Ellie Alice, daughter

Kerry Ellis

Looking at these actors and actresses background they come from some major west end shows, Wicked, Jersey Boys, Le miserable to name a few.

So you can see why I was so excited to see Wonderland. Disney has a way of taking you into a magical world; and with all the remakes like through the looking glass,

With Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter

( yet to see this! But it is on the list)

So figuring out how this adaptation of Wonderland is brought into the twenty-first century. Alice is in from what seems to be an abusive and controlling relationship, is very far from what we see as Alice in Wonderland young happy, carefree blonde haired girl, now living in a block of flats on an estate where inevitably the lift never works!

She is also a mum to Ellie a Bright, friendly young girl, played by Naomi Morris.

Who wants anything but her mum to wake up from this depression haze she is in, But what-will-be will be!

Will she keep looking back or go forward into a world of wonder?

Ellie takes the lead on getting mum To take some action on changing their lives.


The heart rending performance of reaching out of the past and finally look into the future for your child brought a tear to my eye

Massively impressed with the ensemble, the choreography was excellent and had some funny points.

The highs, lows and Madness were added were, the Mad Hatter usually portrayed as a male, in this production was female, again not original formation. Unsure about how I would feel but the Amazing vocals blew me away and she is right, there is always time for tea.

I would give this show a massive 5 stars

5 stars

Want to see this for yourself there is still time


Rent The Musical | Review

Rent on tour
Rent on tour

Reading the synopsis, further intrigued me to look at the production photograph's I eventually became eager to know more and youtube the trailer

Do not miss Bruce Guthrie’s brand-new production of the legendary, multi-award-winning rock musical RENT as it celebrates its incredible 20th anniversary.

This exhilarating, landmark musical tells the thrilling story of a group of impoverished young artists struggling to survive in New York City’s East Village in the thriving days of Bohemian excess.

Inspired by Puccini’s classic opera La bohème, RENT features unforgettable music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson including the much-loved songs Seasons of Love, Take Me or Leave Me and La Vie Bohème. Winner of four Tony® Awards, six Drama Desk Awards and the hugely prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Drama, it ran on Broadway for an astonishing 12 years.

Featuring a brilliant cast that includes Layton Williams (Bad Education, Billy Elliot The Musical, Hairspray) and Lucie Jones (X Factor, Legally Blonde The Musical, Les Miserables), this is a rare chance to experience the searing emotion and breath-taking thrills of one of the all-time great musicals.

Now tell me are you not gripped with wanting to see this show?

Rent is a rock opera written by Jonathan Larson set over the course of a year in 1990s New York City and is loosely based on Puccini’s more traditional opera La Boheme.  Larson died unexpectedly from an unexpected aortic aneurysm at only 35 years old, the day before Rent’s opening night and sadly didn’t get to see how his ground-breaking musical would help define the 1990s.


La Boheme

To Book Dartford Orchard Theatre  > HERE

To Book Bromley The Churchill Theatre  > HERE<

Layton Williams as Angel in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett (3)
Layton Williams as Angel in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett
Lucie Jones as Maureen in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett
Lucie Jones as Maureen in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett

It's the 20th anniversary of Rent on Stage,

With Layton Williams playing the lead role of Angel, and Lucie Jones as Maureen.

The cast of RENT. Credit Matt Crockett
The cast of RENT. Credit Matt Crockett

From the start of the scene, it looked like a squatters place in a derelict building.
We was introduced to the two men on stage one is Mark, who videos everything producer of arts and has ambitions, then his friend tuning his guitar.

All is not what it seems, in a cold place no heating and being Christmas Eve, what could seemingly go wrong?

Billy Cullum as Mark and Ross Hunter as Roger in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett
Billy Cullum as Mark and Ross Hunter as Roger in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett

In the case of gay, lesbian transsexual and straight people, the subject of HIV and AIDS are very much a taboo; this message conveyed with the poignant reminder will I lose my dignity, as with this nasty disease, death is inevitable in life anyway.

Mimi, played by Philippa Stephanie, at first glance on stage she seemed invincible and a party lover but as always there is more depth. Philippa played a fantastic role that like Angel was truely heart-tugging to watch.

Philippa Stefani as Mimi and Ross Hunter as Roger in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett (2)
Philippa Stefani as Mimi and Ross Hunter as Roger in RENT. Credit Matt Crockett

Seeing as I knew nothing about Rent, I was clueless and open to what was going to unfold.

Be sure that all cast and musicians on set, their guitar playing was fantastic! Bruce Guthrie , considering like I had never seen or acted in Rent, the way it has been directed and choreographed is truly beautiful!

My rating would be five stars

5 stars

"I was still trying to get to grips with my emotions the day after.
A lesson that hit hard to the harsh reality of falling down on your luck and heartache."