UB40 Labour of Love

I cannot wait until Friday, I booked tickets at the 02 Arena to go and see UB40 feat. Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue.
This is a band my mum loves and I grew up listening to.

I had  never realised until now, that the playlist they will be singing is the labour of love album 1&2

Never  dreamed I would get to see them play these songs live so it should be a great night !

We had a fantastic night, my second ever concert, and to see UB40 with mum was amazing !!




I  never realised until now, that the playlist they will be singing is the labour of love album 1&2
 photo LOL1_zpsyxw2ztaw.jpg
When labour of love album Release date: September 1, 1983, I was just 6 months old.

Songs from this album I love

Cherry oh baby

Please don’t make me cry

Red red wine

And many rivers to cross







When Labour of love II album Release date: November 27, 1989,  I was just 6 years old.
Titles I love on this one



Kingston town

Homely girl

Hope you enjoyed this little music post? If you like UB40 have you seen them live? And what are your favourite songs ?


My August Favourite Music

Hi ya

and thanks for coming back !!

have you ever had a day where all you want to do is have your ear phones in and listen to music ? and when you do you find more tunes to submerge your reality into ….

Ok so today has been a day where I have sat down and listened to music my current favourites

First off we have Avicii
I am totally in love with this song, I feel the video is a good way to show if you dont fit in where you are there is always somewhere better, where you can be yourself and accepted, that’s really all we want is to be accepted as the people were growing or have grown into.
take a listen …


Next we have the Lovely Jessica Cornish or as we call her Jessie J, now my little Ladybug loves her songs and I know a lot of people can relate to her music,


Gotta say I do Love Jessie J she is Real and true and says it how it is … lotta love xx

then we have
Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble


although this is a long intro- probably a world record lol, but it is a good song I love the spin off Goat one aswell hehe !

Then we have the lovely John Newman – Love Me Again

I have to say this reminds me of back to the future with the dancing love the retro spin but not the ending of the video.. very sad !!

also is it just me or does John Newman look a little like the lead singer from Plan B hehe !!


Selena Gomez – Come & Get It


This song is full of energy and fun.

its powerful the emotions music can bring, depending on your frame of mind at the time
I hope you liked my small selection of music for this week…

tell me what your pics would be for this week ?