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This section you will find posts regarding Lifestyle, this could be health, beauty Fashion my Harry Potter addiction and more.

Monday Musings

so ladies and gents Recently I have had so much fun doing my capsule wardrobe; the main problems have been finding long lasting shoes. I mean really how hard is it to find Tan and Black boots? above picture is my starting off sorting capsule wardrobe In my case very. I was yay I have […] Read more…

Beauty Treatment

Helloo October! Wow September just came and flew by in the blink of an eye.. and it seems to be flying by much the same for the rest of 2015, So with that in mind I initially had a set of targets for 2015 to which I’m not close to ticking off on my tick […] Read more…

The Vegetarian Project

Hello all you lovely lot, So as you know from my previous posts I have been making some life changes, and It doesn’t end there; My lovely friend is a semi-vegetarian only eats eggs and fish, but now has a vegan book and cutting out the eggs. I lately had become bored of meat and […] Read more…

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