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Explore the characters of Star Wars Identities at The O2

Star Wars Identities at The O2

Explore the characters of Star Wars Identities at The O2

This event is suitable for: All ages

This event costs: PEAK* Adult £ 25, Conc. £ 18, Child £ 15, Family £ 60. Under 5s free

For almost 40 years, audiences around the world have followed the adventures of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, cinema’s most famous father and son duo. Now you can see your favourite characters like you’ve never seen them before, explore what makes you who you are and discover the Star Wars hero hiding inside you!

The stunning collection of some 200 props, models, costumes and artwork from the original Star Wars films, an interactive identity quest and insightful scientific content, all work together in STAR WARS Identities to follow the dramatic journeys of the characters and help you create your very own Star Wars identity.

Adult £ 20.00, Concession £15.00, Child £10.00, Family £48.00
Adult £25.00, Concession £18.00, Child £15.00, Family £60.00
All prices are inclusive of booking fee *Peak: weekends, Bank Holidays, School Holidays

Find out more and book tickets for Star Wars Identities (The O2 website)

Contact Details
Telephone: 020 8463 2143
Email the team here!
Website URL:
Address Details
Location: The O2, Peninsula Square, Greenwich, London SE10 0DX

Soon to come my Review of Star Wars Identity Exhibition

Review Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live!

Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live
Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live

well I know a few ladies would be Jealous of my latest visit to the Orchard Theatre, well Mr Bloom is there yes Ben Faulks I hear shrieks ?

Featuring all of the much loved elements of the TV show, Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks) will be joined by all his gardening friends: Margaret, Joan, Colin, Raymond and Sebastian, the lovable Wee MacGregors, and not forgetting Mr Bloom’s trusty machine ‘The Compostarium’. Come and sing along to all your favourite songs: This Is My Allotment, Meet The Veggies, The Compo Song and Night Night Veggies.


@mrbloomlive #mrbloomlive at @theorchardtheatre

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@theorchardtheatre waiting for mr bloom live

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Using song, play and interaction Mr Bloom’s Nursery is a fun and inspiring show with strong educational values which will entertain parents and tiddlers alike!

I loved how Mr Bloom tried to interact with the parents and entertain the children I know KK was enjoying it and was sad we had to leave, I don’t think 20 minuet interval is the greatest as keeping them entertained with no entertainment just a suggestion for children shows it there is an interval entertainer would be fab !

my Blogger friend over at NotaPerfectParent

gives her review of how they enjoyed it

Thanks for popping by

Review The Very hungry caterpillar on stage

The very hungry caterpillar

Having grown up reading The very hungry caterpillar and loving the story, being able to see it on stage played out was an amazing experience and to share that with monkey was memorable.
bringing books to a completely new level and concept was even more amazing , when I found out not only was it the very hungry caterpillar but three other stories Eric Carle wrote, made it even more spectacular.

Created by Jonathan Rockefeller, the critically acclaimed production of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show’ features a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets, faithfully adapting four of Eric Carle stories, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, Mister Seahorse, The Very Lonely Firefly and of course, the star of the show - The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


The bright colours captured the detail as though it was the page open being played in front of us. To see monkey smile and enjoy the show was a great feeling the cast and production team put a lot of attention to detail in not just the one but all four books.

Eric’s well-known books captivated readers with his iconic colorful hand-painted tissue paper collage illustrations and distinctively simple stories,
introducing generations of children to a bigger, brighter world - and to their first experience of reading itself.

Photography was allowed, this excited me immensely.

What I also found interesting was the children's focus on what was going on in the stage.
So much careful detail was put into the puppets and the choreography of the play was played out smoothly.

we went to see this at The Orchard Theatre


would give this show 4 out of 5

Ripley’s Believe it or not – Wicked

Ripley's Believe it or not - Wicked

We had the amazing opportunity to go up London and attend Ripley's Believe it or not, featuring Wicked, since me and KK had already been to see Wicked Musical - check out our Review HERE-
I thought it would be great to go and see more Wicked theme events since we want to Defy Gravity hehe

Ripley's Believe it or not Wicked

We arrived in good time and the entrance had some fantastic Artefacts on show, a mini with millions of Swarovski crystals. Optimus Prime from Transformers who is 18 Feet Tall made from recycled steel- salvaged from broken down old cars, and the hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter !

we was able to stand next to the tallest man, Robert Wadlow who was 8 ft 11” tall now Im wondering where he got his clothes from !

upon entering the magical world we was presented with our VIP Pass - OHHH AHHH - KK had a massive grin on her face.

Ripley's believe it or not Wicked
Ripley's believe it or not Wicked

And then it all changed we was out into the vortex and had to try and get through without falling, sounds funny but its a fast spinning cylinder with an industrial ramp for you to go through, its a pretty good head F*CK.

KK was scared at first then decided she wanted to keep going back and forth to get over the fear of it..

when we finally moved from there we went through different rooms with all their usual pieces on show, really interesting the things you find out, art from pop caps and all different facts about other countries

ripleys believe it or not Wicked

when we arrived and the Wicked exhibition we was greeted with selection of appetisers and some choice on drinks, very nice and well thought out.

Glinda's and Elphaba's dress were on show was beautiful and the shoes costumes and detail was amazing to see up close.

It was disappointing their was only one face painter and the line wasn’t organised well, I understand younger children get excited and push in front but when you have been waiting over half an hour and 3 people have pushed in did take the biscuit and lead to KK having a Meltdown.

I mention this because I was impressed with how the staff handled the situation, once she calmed down we was taken down to get some sweets and a drink then we was given the chance to play in the Vortex and then the Laser maze which KK did really well on in fact she had the top score !

Have you been to Ripley's? if so please comment below and let me know how you found it i'd love to hear

Ripley's do different featured events and open most days, to get your ticket click HERE

In The Night Garden Live 2017

In the Night Garden Live 2017

In the Night Garden Live 2017 is on sale now!
The world's only live productions of the Cbeebies top-rated show will visit London, Birmingham and Manchester this summer, on tour from 25 May to 28 August. 

Visit to book your tickets, and enter EARLY8AA at the checkout to save up to £5* off your order! Ticket prices will rise according to demand, so book now for the best savings!

Don't forget, all tickets are covered by the Flexible Exchange Policy, so if you need to you can swap your tickets for another time and date for a small fee. For more information please visit
*Coupon will take £5 off orders over £60, or 5% off orders under £60. Ts & Cs apply, please visit for more info.

Katjes Magic Candy Factory Event

magic candy

Katjes Magic Candy Factory have created the world’s first 3D gummy candy printer. It allows you to create truly customized, delicious treats where the only limit is your imagination!

All of the gummies which come from the Magic Candy Factory are vegan, gluten-free & dairy free. They are made with vegetable based gelling agents and all natural fruit and vegetable extracts to create something as natural as it is delicious.

Katjes Magic Candy Factory

It was so exciting getting to go lakeside for this event, for one I had never drove there before two I was getting to see my other blogger friend naomi who blogs at notaperfectparent with little Lola.



Initially I thought that it was a shop but it was a little section in the centre which was made up all lovely and very VIP looking!

KK was excited to see the machine at work and watched with fascination. Had to admit I was like watching a film the technology put into making just gummie sweets was unbelievable.

Was having talks with Naomi and in the hope maybe these machines would also be a great use for making things in the medical world, blew me away to think how many people waiting for donations could have that halved through pioneering machinery.

After the machine done its magic we got to sample the final product have to say it was rather tasty and moreish

The cupcakes were fantastic.

gummie sweets

Given that they was gluten and dairy free you would assume that they wouldn't have a Flavoursome taste but to be honest it was as if I was eating a typical gummie sweet.

After sampling an ample amount monkey enjoyed this part to! We made our way to Wagamama- never been to before so Naomi introduced me, I had previously got the chance to make katsu curry -here-

And wanted to know if mine was just as good as Wagamama's so that was what I ordered, KK had chow mein and shared with monkey.

All I can say was wow really enjoyed that curry and now know what I need to do to make mine better!

Thank you for reading about this event

Have you tried any of these yummy gummies?