A Letter to someone

To whom it may concern,
You are but a person who is like many others born on earth, we all make mistakes, we all have morals. 
Its up to you to decide on your path and what road to follow.
Its scary but i've learned things you're scared of or fear feels good when it's accomplished, when I say feels good I mean really frigging great! 
Rejection is a part of life, it just means it wasn't right for you then and to ask for advice. You never know that help and determination with extra effort put in will show in the long run.
If you feel like things are getting to much take a day or two, to clear your mind and pull yourself towards what is meaningful in your life, don't give up hope nothing is worth so many tears or heartache x 
You are younique be brazen with it ! 
blogtober16 day 21

What am I afraid of

Losing everyone I love and losing my memories 
I know we all eternally fall asleep but not before i've got to show my girls about what you can enjoy.  
On top of that loosing my family to soon breaks my heart when family have passed, they are always in my thoughts 

#Blogtober16 Day 19 10 favourite foods

blogtober16 day 19

10 Favourite foods

  1. Curry
  2. Kfc
  3. Mums islands 
  4. Macaroni cheese 
  5. Beef stew
  6. My soup mix in slow cooker
  7. Jacket potato beans and cheese 
  8. Nandos chicken and sweet potato wedges 
  9. Fry up
  10. Sunday roast
blogtober 16 day 14

Meaning behind my blog name

todays prompt is The Meaning behind my blog name 
Previously my blog was called clarissas world, then I did a re-brand as I wanted to be more inclusive to my family so kkmooandmonkey2 was born
Kk is Keiras nickname, Moo is my nickname and Monkey is Evies nickname! Tada

#Blogtober16 Day 13


What's in my fridge

Whats in my fridge
Currently very little 
Milk green top and blue top
Frubes yoghurt 
Rachel's yoghurt 
Some muller yoghurt special edition coffee 
And the cupcakes made for blog post * posting soon *
blogtober16 day 12

What's in my Handbag ?


What's in my handbag is todays prompt.

Oh gosh this is more like what's in my toddler sack lol

Nappies, spare change of baby clothes socks for soft play time.

Snacks to stop Lil lady getting upset purse, camera.
I don't have a bag for me as yet not until Evie is fully potty trained and I don't have to carry spare clothes etc.

To be honest, I’ve now switched rucksack for monkey and a bag for me holds my purse, camera bus pass, for up London travels, keys, my satnav. chewing gum