#BEDM-Day 4

Blog Everydayin November (2)

#BEDM Day 4- favourite bloggers

Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?

My first ever Blog/ Vlog was with Lauren Luke Panacea
I even got to meet her in Oxford-street Selfridge’s for her first ever book signing
Lauren is so down to earth, and normal was like getting tips from your best friend on makeup
Lauren went from creating inspired looks to her brand cosmetics shop online. I have a lot of admiration for this single mum. Just proves that the internet can make life better.

Moving from Lauren was Kandee
Who is just nuts and funny cute and stylish, funky wakey just love how crazy she is, and the fact she is a professional make up artist is fantastic, again from Lauren Luke a step above mainly down to experience and education.

The tattooed tea lady
I have to say since starting blogging, looking at this lovely lady’s blog is very inspiring, she loves her reviews and makes up fashion so very cool to read her posts.

What can I say about Leah, she is lovely bubbly and down to earth, has taken time out to give me some pointers even though she is a very busy lady taking on blog challenges, she got me on this challenge Blog Every Day in May, I love that the fact she is a plus size woman she is retro and willing to give anything style wise ago.

a sprinkle of glitter & Zoella

What can I say about the lovely Louise, I think she’s inspirational and excitable about her YouTube videos which in turn lead me to her wacky friend zoella.
Love the energy these girls both have and not shy about anything, they are both equally as passionate as each other and inspire me to be better at blogging and vlogging


just find these blogs refreshing and inspirational, makes me wish I had started sooner in blog land




#BEDN2015- Day 22



Ah well, I can say that I have tried and failed miserable this year with trying to be healthy. And I don’t want to do the clique of oh new years resolution as they don’t generally work for me, I’ve noticed.

Healthy mind and body being calmer and happier I’m hoping to feel less pulled down by negative things that I dislike.. example cleaning it’s ongoing, to fix this I shall need to put a routine in place to help me stay focused and hopefully get help from KK. You never know miracles can happen?

There looking into ASD and ADHD with KK so I’m thinking of weekday activities to help her and myself get out and do things in and around my local area.


But anyway Updates later on next year on progress



#BEDN 2015 Day 20


Friday night out

Well, this Friday I’m in as I went out to mums last week so this weekend I’m staying in although I prefer to stay in, especially when it is this cold and chilly. We have had remnants of hurricane Barney come this way so it’s a bit windy and wet.
Usually would love a pizza or curry with much and some movies. Although since I’m starting the no spend December, I’m trying to be good and fake away not take away. Hehe

But knowing usually my Friday is normally packed busy with housework but today I didn’t do much opps lazy day.. we shall see tomorrow.


#BEDN 2015 Day 21




This is a lovely subject I love to travel and see parts of the world. I first holidayed when I was 8 we went to Portugal the algarve with friends was nice, but there was a big storm there which scared me.
I was around 10 and went with other friends – with family mum n dad also. To Spain Mallorca. Again was nice but yes another storm and made me scared of them two places.

When I went to secondary school, I had school trips to Paris DisneyLand and Belgium brugge, can I say wow how clean and beautiful Belgium was when I went there !!
Later on, I saved money to visit my penfriend in Austria in Salzburg or close we went on a visit around the capitals. Was a beautiful country and would definitely go again.

My first holiday away with fella was Greece, Corfu ipsos. Was nice but wasn’t what was expected. The country is lovely.
I’ve been Tunisia again lovely country.
And Egypt was more of a school trip than a holiday.
Turkey all inclusive let me tell ya brilliant! Lol

Do you have any plans for 2016 for travel and where your next holiday destination will be?

I found this and thought it would be fun




#BEDN 2015 Day 18


Entrepreneurship week

Marie Forleo – Motivational speaker
Tony Robbins – motivational speaker
J.K Rowling – Harry Potter – Link to

Above is a list of a select few entrepreneurs that I love to watch or read in the forms of youtube videos or movies in the case of JK Rowling a harry Potter movie this is what I like.

Marie and Tony are motivational speakers and have this amazing energy about them, that make them watchable. I know they help me when I’m having times of downness or need a kick in the tush to get me started.

I have often been or have a negative outlook on life so 2016 I will be trying harder to nip that in the bud and do more of what makes me happy.

How about you?


#BEDN 2015 Day 17


Home Sweet Home

Since doing the konmari method my home is becoming less cluttered and makes me visualise what I want to aim for in 2016.
I am wanting to move home for the last time. I’d love a garden for KK and Monkey to play care free and we won’t have the worry of other children picking on kk.

There are so many hopes and dreams I would have for my home sweet home

But for now I shall have to wait and hold on to that dream xx



#BEDN 2015 Day 19



Beauty comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.

Interlinking with my anti-bullying post everyone is beautiful. Until something makes them ugly inside and out.

Beauty is seeing your newborn baby for the first time mm that newborn baby smell when your cuddling up to them and they fall asleep in your arms.
The beauty of laying there in amazement that you produced such a beautiful being. That first moment you feel your baby kick as butterfly’s in your tummy.
With KK I struggled to get to grips with growing and getting bigger, I didn’t enjoy it, but I did like that she would kick when I was in the bath playing music almost as if we was dancing entwined.
With Monkey, I could feel her so much sooner and made me smile and feel fuzzy and warm.
I now look at my stretch marks and feel how my body has changed I mothered two beautiful  babies.
And yes I would do it all again even though both times were scary the rewards are so much more than I imagined.
Beauty is love and love is amazing