The Happy Badger Donation


Hi, Ya and thank you loads for coming back!

The Happy Badger from ao.com  is on a mission to spread happiness across the blogosphere by getting bloggers to talk about their favourite charities so of course I had to take the chance to tell you just a little more about the Emily Ash Trust for £50 donation

to say that this Charity and a few others to mention are close to my heart, But my chosen one for this is Emily Ash Trust

why is it so special ?
because it helps families like mine in their time of need when children and young people are hit with tragic news of Cancer and other horrid illnesses that are probably the main thing family’s need, these people have been there suffered how we are suffering and are still there at the end to help the adults hold it together till the very end.

there are many things Emily Ash Trust does

from Website

Whilst excellent medical assistance is provided through the care network, it is clear that this terrible disease has far wider effects on the sufferer and the family supporting those who are sick. Inspired by Emily who had been suffering from leukaemia for some years, it was decided to help raise funds to improve the quality of life for these children and their families.

We are a small charity with a big heart with our primary aim being to improve the lives of children and young people suffering from cancer. We are able to do this thanks to the fundraising and donations made by our fantastic supporters who, like us, want to help families facing cancer. All staff work on a voluntary basis with all money raised going to support these families.

We provide help, events for the whole family and resources with the aim of improving the quality of life of children and young adults suffering from cancer and their families. The Trust focuses its help in various ways, including:

  • Build-A-Bear and Zizzi
  • Two free holiday homes in Battle, near Hastings
  • Teenage Pamper Days at Topshop – London
  • Pamper Days for parents at The Royal Marsden
  • Sibling and Family Days
  • Christmas party – Winter Wonderland
  • Resources for the Marsden School Room and Play Rooms to make stays in the hospital more bearable.
  • Build A Bear On the Ward – we bring bears, outfits and accessories to patients on the ward at the Royal Marsden Hospital
  • Help and special treats for families of children or teens being treated for cancer

My family have had their fair share of  misery when it comes to Cancer, yes my mum and my sister both suffered and still suffering from this relentless disease,

my mum has had cancer several times and fort, overcome and another type 4 times in different areas, to say from the age of 18 (myself) having to go through a parent being gravely ill and trying to keep positive, to then see your baby sister who was 13 when struck with a brain tumour, operations have been done on them both and at the same time my heart torn apart, then aged 21, and a new mum to Ladybug.

having both of my family members unwell and seeing what the Emily Ash Trust has done for my family is amazing,


Sister has had a makeover at TopShop, the family have been to Hastings holiday home and much more.

the good news is My mum and sister are now well my sister now 19 and mum 21 (lol) are still in touch with this charity

I see the event 10,000 ft free fall parachute jump is something that makes my knees tremble but it is for a good cause .. if anyone is willing to help me raise funds please leave a comment below

this is an amazing chance to do something once in a lifetime to help others!


August is here

To say I’m anxious is somewhat of an understatement,
this full week is going to be a hard one for me to take in, I bid on a new property to move to
fingers are tightly crossed please ??

and today I have my Driving Theory test, all the times I have practised; some passes and mostly fails but this is due to over thinking the questions.. mostly fails by a mear one or 2 points but looking back on the questions I kick myself as I know the answers which would be a pass.

lets just say this week till September really is a is lady luck on my side ?
massive life changing stuff going on and it lies within the balance of Luck, concentration and determination

as told in previous posts when I hit my 30’s I went into a massive down spiral with the fact where have I come to within my life ?
do you ever get the feeling of so many wasted years yearning for other things ?

bearing in mind I am now not as nervous as I had been earlier; faced my daemons fear of Tests and exams ect and did it. I didn’t think I was going to pass first time just getting there and doing it the first time was enough.

anyway I passed my hazard hurraahhh but.. failed the theory by 12.. oh well not to worry I have a starting point and the areas I need to work on so here is hoping the next try I pass…

August Is a month for my mums birthday near the end of it so thinking caps on for presents ,

what do you have planned for the month of August ? and any ideas on mothers birthday presents lol ??

Addictions …


so I must confess I have a massive thing about the owl fashion at the moment, clothes, stationary and accessories, which I’m in awe over totally love it.

I’ve recently decided to get a Filofax, in my life to keep me organised hehe, found many ways to keep it looking pretty and colourful, trying to brighten up all aspects in my life. Purple is my favourite colour ..

20130502-094136 PM.jpg

My Filofax bling –

20130502-094839 PM.jpg

Over Easter I was given a thortans egg and I loved the card I made a Filofax divider out of it ..
Top left- adhesive sticky tabs from rymans
Top right- owl pads from 99p shop
Bottom right- owl laptop stickers £1 pound shop.

Summer fashion

Currently I’m not very adventurous with my fashion, but do try to mix a bit of colour in when I can.

I have found looking through and watching tv shows such as trinny and Susan, and my fav Gok Wan, just love how he is would love to meet him at a show or something hehe.

Must look into a Gok road show for 2013

20130502-095043 PM.jpg

Also have to get round to reading this book

Now summer is approaching; I shall try to embrace bold and pastel colours as much as I can.
So Primark or as I call it Primarny will be my main shop for cheaper fashion,

I love there basic £2.50 vest tops that give a boost of colour, it is quite easy to pick up every available colour that there is, but a tip would be to buy a bigger size incase it shrinks.

Also love the fact they have upped the bra size range and they are pretty bra sets.

Mmm anyway anyone else know good places or have anything to contribute to this post ?

I look forward to hearing from you


spring has sprung ..

so today I have a spring in my step, even though I got caught in a small hailstone shower lol, was funny April showers.

Ok I recently moved well almost been here nine months already and wow, what a change we have made to the place,
Still, progress is progress; Right?

I’m trying hard to stick to routines and de-clutter and not spend money  on things, as it is I’m buying own brand products, not that I’m complaining, to be honest, I get a buzz from looking at how much I’ve saved on items, there is also cheap shops called pound land, 99p shop and pound stretchers. The latter is not a cheap shop as such,My friend  last two days and we have been on a spring clean and decluttered fix up, I was astonished to see how many bowls, I’m always having plates, dishes and glasses also cups that I had accumulated over the past few years, to be fair as my m always have a de-clutter.

While cleaning under my bed, I became aware of some things; then I looked in my draws and my wardrobe, realised how much makeup I have and don’t use… Hmm, I’m thinking a mass selling is on the cards or throwing out.
Also what’s good some items I have brought in a set that never used I can gift to someone for birthday etc.

So I decided to make a monthly goal, the routine is essential and a Filofax organiser with a day per page view to jot down anything that I find of interest, this will help I hope with daily cleaning, previously I used to do endless to-do lists and diet plans.

Thinking I should revert to how I used to manage things, filofaFilofaxand accessories will come in handy for the coming months..
Going to have to change the primary diary to a page per day view.

Very determined to clear the clutter and minimise what I cherish the most, I should start this as project clean up and drop Down ..

Have you come across this yourself ??

I’d love to hear from you



It’s beginning to warm up….

Hi all, soo in London the weather is beginning to heat up,

I felt like a dress should of been worn today and some sandals, having that in mind I would have to look into my own beauty treatments on the cheap,
Today looking around the shops with little lady, which was fun and interesting at 7 years old she has been looking at style and this is what she come up with

There was the choice of a creamy one but she chose this one, 

Totally fell in love with this denim waist coat, on the look out for one myself, and a denim shirt, should do myself and mini me a wish list page, I’ve seen a few on other bloggers pages, think its a good way to look back at fashion, and the changes ..

Ah to also got little lady a black dress with a belt, see a literally identical one for adults so I thought why not, and got it lol.
So I shall be on the look out for simplistic dresses XoX



Passions in life

I have a lot of passions in my life, of which I should progress and focus on a lot more

Remembering a film recently viewed “stepford wives”; leaves me feeling like wow you could really dress that great and have a tidy home, meals cooked and still able to engage in family life and more social life.
My passions are –
My loving family
Digital art
Papercraft – card making
Culinary skills – my inner goddess screams to be a mix of Nigella !
Domestic cleaning goddess – following Flylady
Make up artistry

So a snippet of my passions I do love all of these and possibly more and love to combine them, I take photographs of almost anything and everything, iphonographer springs to mind; along with apps such like Instagram, and others which give me the opportunities to frame and be creative.

Cookery I love but confidence is an issue, like with a lot of things confidence for me is a major issue, tend to do a massive bulk cook session as I have containers to store in the freezer and ready for the coming days ahead, would be great to have a full months batch cooked; not just dinner but deserts to, need to look into the space, we have that is available to me, previously when purchased fresh vegetables and found a lot was wasted and thrown away, but now I’ve discovered the beauty of frozen vegetables, really do need to portion control these for per meal.
Due to London whether we are currently having it is spring/summer… Which is welcomed highly, would enjoy taking little moo to a fruit picking farm..

Watching a programme at the moment on Americas poor children, very sad to see the poverty that the recession has caused to so many people in many countries, makes me feel lucky to have the family I have and to think my money situation isn’t great but were not at a cross roads that bad… My heart goes out to them and hope they find salvation soon.

In my opinion,right or wrong.. I feel we have exported all our working factories, we used to make clothes, cars and such, in the Second World War we had dire straights rationing, back to basics.
The example shows the woolwich arsenal gunnery factory; where my lovely nan, made bullets and weapons from recycling cans and such, we was all very resourceful back then and coped money wise, I did think to follow a lady on YouTube, who recently passed away, thoughts go out to her family, she made recipes for the Great Depression, to which I might give a try to see if my little family enjoy them, I shall post a link of this lovely lady named Clara, http://www.greatdepressioncooking.com/Welcome.html

Nigella, Jamie Oliver, the hairy bikers are to name a few of my favourite chefs not forgetting Mr F Word; Gordan Ramsey … My obsession with Pinterest comes in handy for compiling lovely recipes
Along with helpful hints and tips, to help us not too organised people work out our budget and clean home, with a lot more time with family and to socialize.

Hard thing about being a mother is knowing good places that are inexpensive to take, also a lot handy to pre pack lunch and food as some cafe’s are stupidly priced;

Another reason Pinterest is amazing as they show really good tips for easy packed lunches that are also cheap and can be pre-made..

I could write about local places that I can take my little moo, for short days out, I am hoping when I pass my driving tests that I can take off for the weekend after school grab her and we can all go seaside, would have to find cheap hotel that we can go to, looking forward to sharing the hopefully fun times ahead with you all, and hopefully show people about London UK …