Hi, I'm Clarissa, I'm  34 years old, mum to two girls, my first born is Keira (KK), and she is Eleven-years-old. My second daughter is Evie (monkey), and she is 3 in November.

I have always loved photography and have that cherished memory in a photo or film.
In life, I found it hard to connect with people, but virtually I have the confidence to talk to people or approach brands, more than I could in person.
So I dabbled in dribs and drabs of the Blogosphere. Unlike now; where I want to get my teeth into it.

I have been lucky enough to be invited to launch nights, go to the theatre to review productions, sent products to review, attend blog events and meet some fantastic people!

I love to be able to get in my car and enjoy what's on offer, building memories for myself and my girls and connecting with other parents especially when you have felt isolated.

I hope to continue making memories with my girls and 'journalling' it down, to share with other people.

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Clarissa is a complete pleasure to work with. She is friendly, professional, and always produces great content which resonates with her audience
Emma Mountin
A refreshing online destination that offers a unique variety of health, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment news to inspire us all. I had the pleasure of being featured on Clarissa's website when she invited me over for an author interview. Her questions were insightful and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a guest on her blog. Have a visit and enjoy!
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Vanessa Fewwings
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