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Ben And Hollys Little Kingdom [ Review ]


“Somewhere, hidden amongst the thorny brambles is a little kingdom where everyone is very very small…”

From the makers of Peppa Pig comes this BAFTA award-winning television animation live on stage!

Holly is a young Fairy Princess, who is still learning how to fly and her magic doesn’t always go quite according to plan. Her best friend, Ben the Elf, doesn’t have wings and he doesn’t do magic, but he runs very fast and flies on the back of Gaston the Ladybird. They live in the Little Kingdom, a tiny land where flowers and grass rise high above them and every day is an adventure.

Ben and Holly have fun and games helping Gaston the Ladybird clean up his messy cave, they go on a trip to The Big World with tooth-fairy Nanny Plum, even plan a surprise birthday party for King Thistle, and oops, let’s hope there’s not another jelly flood!

Join Ben and Holly, and their friends on this exciting, enchanting and magical musical adventure packed full of games, songs and laughter. This beautiful story of elves, princesses and childhood innocence will delight all the family!

Review Of Ben & Hollys Little Kingdom

Today we went to see Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom; it was quite an endearing little show for the children.

I wondered how they would be able to pull Ben and Holly's look off in getting the characteristics correct.

I think they did a splendid job With papier-mâché heads of the characters and in following the general design of how they would've dressed so they were plain and straightforward in the clothes that they would wear.

Gaston was actually like an electronic ladybird and was able to be pushed around and sat on him.

There were all different kinds of props that were on stage some of which were a good use of props.
Nanny Plum and her magic cauldron making cold medicine for King Thistle,

Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom Live

The cast involved the audience trying to get them to point where Ben and Holly were hiding, and naughty Holly using magic to hide! Oh, dear, poor Ben Elf.

We even got to meet the little girl called Lucy!

Sang happy birthday to King Thistle even though he wasn't glad for being a year older.

'Children love their birthdays had to giggle at that thought.'

The stage set up was cleverly organised, in making minimal changes for the scenes needed. Using folding doors giving two options for each scene required.

There were some minor things but being kiddies show it wasn't a massive problem.


@the_churchill watching #benandhollyslittlekingdom

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So cute loved seeing the kiddies faces light up #benandhollyslittlekingdom @the_churchill

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It was lovely to see the little ones smiling and hearing them enjoy the show

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Not Dead Enough

Not Dead Enough
Not Dead Enough
Following the huge sell-out success of The Perfect Murder and Dead Simple, the thrilling work of multi-million selling author Peter James returns to the stage with the world premiere production of Not Dead Enough. Starring award-winning actor Shane Richie as DS Roy Grace, Laura Whitmore, one of the stars of 2016’s Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1, and Stephen Billington, best known for roles on Hollyoaks and Coronation Street.
Not Dead Enough

On the night Brian Bishop murdered his wife, he was sixty miles away, asleep in bed. At least that’s what he claims. But as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace continues to deal with the mysterious disappearance of his own wife, he starts to dig a little deeper into the chilling murder case and it soon becomes clear that love can be a dangerous thing...

Tonight I'm off to The @orchardtheatre to see @notdeadenough written by @peterjames, starring Shane Richie, Laura Whitmore and Stephen Billington.
Admittedly I have never read Peter James multi-million selling Books, or seen any films, up until now the theatre brings it more to life, my first murder thriller show was 'A Rehearsal for Murder', and I was pleasantly surprised my review is here

Sitting down we were fairly high up, my worry was hearing them on stage, but usually, there mic are up loud enough to hear.

The stage was set up in an organised flow; this meant each scene took minimal time to flow into there were three sections the back upper part was set as the morgue the front lower left and right was police station office and police questioning room.

@theorchardtheatre watching Shane Richie, Laura Whitman @peterjamesuk so far the cheeky chappy hasn't let us down !

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I found it less work for the actors and the flow of the show went with ease.

The opening scene was set with Katie on the phone to her son, who is visiting his father in Canada.

This murder mystery was intriguing all the way through and kept me guessing who the serial killer was of all these women being found.

This murder mystery was intriguing all the way through and kept me guessing who the serial killer was of all these women being found.

The twist at the end was cleaver the cast did a brilliant job in their roles, and Peter James proves love very much is a dangerous thing indeed.

You can book tickets to see the show Friday 27th- 28th Saturday


Mamma Mia [ Workshop & Review ]

Mamma Mia Theatre Reviews
Mamma Mia
Me and KK went up London to the Novello theatre to see Mama Mia, this wasn't my first time in going to see this production, so as you can tell I was excited to take Keira to a relaxed performance that was showing.

Info relaxed performances are specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability.

That being said if you go to one of these showings prepare for noises and not the normal atmosphere you would expect. We met up with Lou and hope, who we met and made friends with from Wicked, I have to say we all love Abba and to be dancing queens for the day sounded great! We attended a workshop that was earlier then the show which was a lot of fun and got the girls doing drama and play as if we was playing scenes of our own.

Some shots from the workshop below

Mamma Mia

My thoughts of the workshop

It was fun, definitely kept the girls on their feet; but I do think it was a long day and not much space to grab food, we had snacks while we was there which is always lovely and the staff from mousetrap productions were great, and friendly.
Mamma Mia
Mamma Mia

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It's no secret that every year we all vowel to make goals and targets and we're often aiming far to high, so setting out on that venture is undoubtedly doomed before we start!

The long term, ultimate goal should be in 3-5 years, in between that should be micro goals with actions to take.

Finding inspiration from movies is always a good starting point, I find that they give your mind imagination and ideas that you generally would not of thought about.

* Bridges of Madison County

* Joyful Noise

* The Bucket List

* Cake

* The Blind Side


These are a selection of five films I think for me will give me some momentum.

The Bucket list I have wanted to watch for a long time Morgan Freeman is a fantastic actor and a positive influence.

The movies are selected due to the feel of them everyone knows life isn't smooth running and likes to throw in the odd curve ball, I feel watching inspirational and uplifting genres help you see even when you feel all is lost, somewhere, somehow there's a way out of that deep dark hole you feel your never going to escape.

Take blindside, for instance ! about a young man that is blind unwanted by his parents and put into the care system, Sandra bullock finds him and takes what is seemingly a hard nut to crack, as most people when you have been hurt many times seeing the good in people is often hard and you keep a tight wall up. 


I find films that are emotional but enlightening a good way to see the potential of positive in the situations that seem like a never ending battle. 

We all feel like that daily and sometimes taking time out and re evaluating the situation writing things down, helps put things into perspective. 


Maybe choose a film or two that I've selected you can find them > here  <

[ I was sent the selected films to carry out my #newyearnewyou campaign, I'm hoping to be inspired all words are my own opinions]

Ghost The Musical [ REVIEW ]

Everyone loves a good chick flick and Ghost which starred the late Patrick Swazey and the beautiful Demi Moore. This powerful film when tragedy strikes in one of the worst forms possible the untimely death of a sole mate, the love Molly and Sam shared for each other when taken apart is a heart-wrenching ordeal to watch.
Sam did not know he isn't living anymore in his spirit form he befriended a fake psychic, who unbelievably makes her calling and guiding the truth to what happened to Sam that fateful night. Whoopi Goldberg plays this role brilliantly. Seeing these three as a major act to follow, and that is a huge stump on the director's Bill Kenwright’s role to pick the leading roles are on par with the original cast.
The scene was set, a beautiful screen with the unchanged melody words inscribed on it, my love my darling. So how Ghost The Musical compare to the movie? The director Bill Kenwright’s kept almost faithful to the film aside from a couple of things which I will say had a massive problem for me. If you have seen Ghost, the iconic moment when unchanged melody starts playing, Molly at the Potters wheel and Sam joins for a passionate, romantic scene. I have to admit I was keen to see how they would make this work, whilst Dirty dancing and the bedroom scene was amazing, unfortunately I was left disappointed at the rushed scene, however, I know this was to fit more into the show.
Carolyn Maitland



Carolyn played a fantastic role of being Molly, the trauma she was going through she portrayed the part fantastically!

Now Patrick Swazey is a very hard act to follow, the choice Bill Kenwright made for Sam's part was a good option, Andy Moss had heart and put a lot of effort into his role; vocals were excellent I was pleasantly surprised at how well Rhys Ashworth from Hollyoaks could sing.

Andy Moss
Then scene two we got to meet Oda Mae Brown, played by Jacqui Dubois, who's shoes are hard to fill, Ms Whoopi Goldberg as always plays fantastically so how did Ms Jacqui Dubois Compare? I was dubious at first sceptical even, needless to say, chose well and left most of us in stitches hitting them parts
Brilliantly done.
Ghost the Musical - Jacqui Dubois - cMatt Martin
Cole did well for his role, my only problem with this was his death scene it wasn't as the film the drama of the glass shattering and falling onto him killing him in that blow I was a little disappointed it wasn't the same. Overall this was played well aside from the two things, which for me pretty much made the film. I still very much enjoyed Ghost The Musical. The scene from the train and the preparation for Sam to push into the world of the living was a good scene, was good how he remembered to scream at the train each time it went past. And not forgetting the coin scene which was skipped in the show to prove that Sam was there in the room.
To rate this show, I'd give 3/5
Due to the main scenes, for me not living up to my expectations.

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Carolyn Maitland  [ Molly ] 

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Ghost Booking


TUE 17 - SAT 21

BILL KENWRIGHT  presents a new production of the timeless story of love, despair and hope: Ghost The Musical
Walking back to their apartment late one night a tragic encounter sees Sam murdered and his beloved wife Molly alone, in despair and utterly lost. But with the help of a phony storefront psychic Sam, trapped between this world and the next, tries to communicate with Molly in the hope of saving her from grave danger…
Taking its inspiration from the classic movie, this innovative reimagining will feature an expanded book, new music and original staging. The Double Academy Award winning movie is a huge success story, both critically and at the box office, where it was the highest grossing film in the year of its release. It starred the late Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn and Whoopi Goldberg and was directed by Jerry Zucker. Bruce Joel Rubin's script won the Oscar® for Best Original Screenplay and Whoopi Goldberg won the Oscar® for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. The film's most iconic and moving scene was famously performed to The Righteous Brother's Unchained Melody, which also features in the musical version. Ghost won numerous other awards and nominations, including being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film.
Ghost Booking