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Teletubbies: Tubby Snowball Christmas DVD [ review]


We was recently sent the new Teletubbies: Tubby Snowball Christmas DVD to review.

As expected arrives safe and unbroken when opening the package monkeys eyes lit up and let a shreak out of delight when setting her eyes on the cover.

Monkey is non-verbal and says few words, so to see her facial expressions light up was reassuring to know she wanted teletubbies on there and then, well 1 hour and 12 mins later of ahh and little giggles from time to time and oh ooh to noo-noo she loves noo-noo we have purchased a Hoover for her birthday as when she see it advertised on television she would go mad screaming at the screen. Pointing with excitement.

She hasn't been very well hand foot and mouth, so thankfully this review came at a fantastic time. She enjoyed watching it thoroughly and even mimicked some of the movements the Teletubbies did, the blowing of horn and sucking noises noo-noo makes.

Reassuring to know 10 years after Kk was born teletubbies still can mesmerise little ones with their baby in the sun, "ahhhhh" monkey says while patting her tummy as if to say (ahh baby).



Teletubbies: Tubby Snowball

Features six new episodes

Out on DVD October 31
It's a cold day in teletubbyland and snow falls in the teletubbies!

Join Tinky Winky, Dipsy Laa-Laa and Po as they find big snowballs, dance with a snowman and watch the children make a caterpillar one out of snow. Contains six brand-new episodes including 'snowball'.
Bonus features include
We wish you a merry Christmas

Behind the scenes for grown ups: building the set

I think this is a very endearing DVD set to keep your little people amused and have that quite time for an hour or six- if your child like monkey likes repeatedly watching over and over. It will keep them quite, occupied and educational value.

Everyday May not be good

Everyday may not be good.

Everyday may not be good!

Everyday may not be good.
Everyday May not be good
 A poignant reminder that we all have days where we want to hide in bed all day and wish the days over I know I've wished the last part of December away.

I have some meetings coming up that are making me anxious, and I know if it passes and January comes things will be looking better and brighter.

For now, I have to suck up what will be will be and hope that help awaits.

For those of you who don't know, we have been told monkey has GDD ( Global Development Delay) where she is very behind her peers in things like talking. Currently, she says a minimum of 5-6 words and still not stable on her feet with walking.

And she is also showing signs of autism, for which I spotted very early due to KK, we have a review meeting on 14th with Evie's speech and language therapist.

And I will see what her report says as it is already with the child paediatrician for her Assessment on the 16th.

The children's centre we visit is also putting in place early intervention with a nursery in January; I'm going to be so lost without my baby girl.

But I know from watching Stacey YouTube following Jacobs story that things should improve over time.

Also realised that I seem to of resolved the buggy problems we were having with the new one I brought, next meltdown causer is the car seat. I think it is the straps that are causing a massive issue, again watching Stacey's YouTube I have seen a car seat that she uses no straps around the child, but a bump that placed in front and belt on the outside could be the answer.

I've also found with nappies she has never stayed still screamed the whole time, and it was just a nightmare, but I've discovered that pull up nappies has helped so slowly finding ways to prevent the meltdowns.

Assessment Day Monkey

Another day another nervous appointment, it's the not knowing and waiting, wanting it to be over that it does not matter what the results as there are things being put in place for January.
Speech and language therapy have given me things to do with monkey to help her speech come along.
They're also putting early intervention in place for nursery, it's so hard to realise and there is a lot to process. And I know I'm luckier than some people and I really feel for them , sending hugs.
My heart hurts thinking about all what we have to over come and go through, I am thankful that we got the results earlier in Evie then poor KK she really has had a hard time in school.
If I was to take a guess I would say Evie has ASD, ADHD,OCD and SPD the Autism Spectrum Disorder is a very broad umbrella of symptoms, here is a list of things I have found and ticked what KK and Evie have.


What to expect for an assessment day?

Be prepared for two hours of questions
About eating,sleeping general behaviours.
Play - does he/she interact with others
What hurt was there is a chart side A and B you had to have all three listed on side A to continue to side B.
Criteria for side B was one, Evie hit all four boxes.
That's when it hit that my worries were now a reality, my world stopped moving it was like the air was being sucked out of my body waiting for the words to trickle out "I'm sorry to say your daughter has Autism"
I wanted to cry for my girls, not only for how long a fight I had for KK 8 years! I then get two diagnosis' in the same year.
I'm feeling better a day after just needed my mind to stop spinning and reeling from the news.
I know a lot will be put in place for Monkey now for January 2017, I have a meeting next Thursday to look at nursery, I'm worried mainly because Evie is non verbal, when I was there a little boy pushed her off the bike she was on.
Ok normal kids do this they show their dominance but monkey couldn't say what had happened, that she hurt her hands and that the boy did what he did.
She is no way ready for potty training so we will be put into a pee and poo group to learn strategies for potty training.
On top of all this I have a cygnet group I need to go to so that I can understand KK more,
I honestly feel like my world is spinning.


Starring comedian and national treasure Joe PasqualeCeri Dupree as Dame Dolly Diamond and Rachel Stanley as The Wicked Queen.  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs will be spectacularly brought to life with an abundance of comedy, sensational song and dance numbers, fabulous costumes, stunning scenery and spectacular 3D effects.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, don’t miss the fairest pantomime of them all!

Snow White and the seven dwarfs Panto

My review

Well everyone loves a panto, don't they?

Oh no, they don't! Oh yes, they do! Sorry, I couldn't resist the cheesiness of that!

But who is the funny man to have as star role? Well, none other than Joe Pasquale, he has a song that will get on ya nerves, get on you nerves, but funny man Joe won our hearts many years ago and had been out of the limelight for a short time then he popped up on I'm a celebrity get me out of here!!!
As you guessed, Joe who was crowned king of the jungle, and now he's doing panto

I've been to a couple of pantomimes but given the technology they have now it did add the extra bit, although KK screamed through the 3D part I thought it was cool. And how muddles were on the motorcycle that drove over people's heads well that had Keira in awe.

I like how they had bits of adults and slapstick comedy for the kids. Very cleverly articulated and as always the stage props looked fantastic.

Snow white and the seven Dwarfs 2

Get down to the orchard Theatre in Dartford and have yourself a Jolly Good time !! 

You have from the 10th - 31st December BOOK NOW 

I was lucky to be sent a big silver box, containing so delicious go ahead products!

I had tried some before, but this was a new selection to add to the range.

There was two packs of cookies chocolate and orange, and white chocolate and raspberry.

These were so good to have in my bag in the car, as most things go being a mum means nothing is ever yours and monkey took a liking to my goodies so in the car when she was moaning go ahead came into play.

I have to say I'm not a breakfast person it's a huge downfall since breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
I just can't deal with the washing up drying and putting away I loved I had a handy slice, and there are three generous slices in each pack. And at the end throw the packet away!
No washing up drying or put away eat and throw.

I calculated how many days I would have of eating a breakfast and noticed with eating the slices my energy levels didn't drop and I didn't need a nap.

I couldn't choose a favourite out of all the go ahead I was sent they were all delicious, was so upset to of come to the end of the pack, so I went and got some more this time was a cherry one mmm

In the set, flavours included were
yogurt breaks
fab forest fruit
sassy strawberry
cute red cherry
totally tropical
radiant raspberry
there are 5 packs with 2 slices

crispy slices has 5 packs and 3 slices RRP 1.65
a-peeling apple
fab forest fruit
radiant raspberry
ooh orange
cute red cherry
blissfull blueberry
sassy strawberry

fruity bakes 6 in a pack and retail 1.99
a peeling apple
sassy strawberry

there inexpensive and handy for popping in your bag for a treat as I had said earlier Monkey quite enjoyed having a nibble as well


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Fully stocked with my #goahead #breakfasts wondering what one to have tomorrow @goahead #smartsnack

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After a rather cruddy night im glad im stocked up with my #goahead yoghurt breakfast bars #snacksmart @goahead

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Slimming world syns

Go Ahead Strawberry bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Apple Bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Crispy fruit slices all varieties per slice 3.0 syns
Go Ahead Raspberry/Strawberry fruit bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Strawberry bakes each 6 syns
Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks, Forest fruit, twin pack 18g slice 3.5 syns
Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks, strawberry, twin pack, 18g slice 3.5 syns
Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks, Tropical, twin pack 18g slice 4.0 syns

A Letter to someone

To whom it may concern,
You are but a person who is like many others born on earth, we all make mistakes, we all have morals. 
Its up to you to decide on your path and what road to follow.
Its scary but i've learned things you're scared of or fear feels good when it's accomplished, when I say feels good I mean really frigging great! 
Rejection is a part of life, it just means it wasn't right for you then and to ask for advice. You never know that help and determination with extra effort put in will show in the long run.
If you feel like things are getting to much take a day or two, to clear your mind and pull yourself towards what is meaningful in your life, don't give up hope nothing is worth so many tears or heartache x 
You are younique be brazen with it !