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Blood Brothers [Review]

Blood Brothers Musical Review 

Starring Lyn Paul, Written by Willy Russell, the legendary Blood Brothers tells the captivating and moving tale of twins who, separated at birth, grow up on opposite sides of the tracks, only to meet again with fateful consequences.
Songs featured includes Bright New Day, Marilyn Monroe and the emotionally charged hit Tell Me It’s Not True.
My Thoughts
Given that I had never heard of Blood Brothers, I hadn’t read the synopsis, so I assumed it was about two brothers in the war, who were separated at birth.
the scene was set sadness was upon us two dead men laying on the floor, a blond lady crying and an older lady screaming the lyrics say it isn’t so!

Lyn Paul Blood Brothers

I have never been to such a funny, compassionate and heartfelt show! I had a lump in my throat, the way life was back then contraception, babies unruly children
Lyn Paul did a fantastic rendition of Mrs Johnstones part was full of emotion she played the part as if it was her, moving, inspiring and a beautiful singer.
Dean Chisnall as the narrator was fantastic, amazing voice singing ‘shoes upon the table.’
Mickey played by Sean Jones was a cheeky endearing little lad, it was a lovely way how we watched him grow, and then at the end to see him recoil from his former-self gave such a poignant reminder at how life can change so quickly and how fragile people can become.
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers 2
overall I was amazed and gripped with this show I was hoping for a nicer outcome.
have you been to see Blood Brothers? if you did what did you think ?
If you haven’t and you live near Dartford get yourself some tickets at orchard theatre 21st-26th November unmissable !
*Disclaimer I have to say I was given tickets to review, all opinions viewed are true, honest and my own

Sunny Afternoon The Kinks ( Review )

Sunny Afternoon The Kinks

Sunny Afternoon The Kinks

Sunny Afternoon The Kinks

I was so lucky to be able to go and see The Kinks Musical Sunny Afternoon,
I was so excited to see this I was born in the 80’s but a few of the songs I remember from listening to at family parties and in the kitchen while mum was cooking.


Amazing show blew me away it was like watching the real thing, the characters were fantastic
I loved how it portrayed their lives back in that day in age the money was needed desperately.

Also how Ray Davies was able to speak his feelings via song due to his stutter, the history added made me feel apart of that!

As always with musicals, it takes you through the highs and lows of their mental health and mind state.

The Kinks A sunny Afternoon

Dave, I have to say blinding actor choice I love the quirkiness of him just made you giggle with things he came out with.

I’ve even fallen in love with a few more of their songs I initially thought was sung by the Beatles.


Simply Beautiful, mesmerising just powerful!


Just go have a great evening !




Enthrall Secrets by Vanessa Fewings AudioBook #BlogTour @VanessaFewings



Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

Bepanthen nappy ointment

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

Let me start with KK; I assumed paying out more money on products were our way of ensuring that KK was getting the best quality!
On many occasions her bottom was sore, even weeping no matter what I did, all kinds of creams were applied to no avail!
My poor little lady was often uncomfortable, didn’t realise till another mum suggested trying a cheaper brand maybe store brand only, I turned my nose up at the idea, I was paying for quality.
I was caught short one day, and this mummy gave me a nappy to try so I did.
With a happier KK, I decided ok I’ll buy a couple of packs and some Bepanthen to help ease the sore bottom!
Within a few days of changing nappy brands, now do I realise poor KK was allergic to the nappies I was using.Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

So When Monkey was smaller, we had some problems. Feeding was a total nightmare, and so was the nappies!
Both ends were at it.

when I was recently sent Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment to try perfect timing really as She yet again has a viral infection with spots in uncomfortable places, the cream helps reduce the aggravation that she would have had to bear, other creams just weren’t cutting it this time.



bepanthen ointment cream

Win tickets- Baby To Toddler Show

Baby to Toddler Event

Win tickets to the Baby to Toddler Show at ExCeL, London!


Baby to Toddler Event


You lucky people I have two YES two tickets up for grabs so why not enter below

The Baby to Toddler Show will be taking place for the very first time at ExCeL London on the weekend of the 19th to 20th November 2016. Open from 9.30am – 5.30pm each day. Standard on the door tickets are £12, and we have two pairs to give away.





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Ticket Competition Terms & Conditions:

No purchase necessary. Entrants must be aged 18 years or over. Competition is open to UK residents only.

Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your agreement to be bound by the decisions of the Baby to Toddler Show

Entry is strictly limited to one person per ticket code. The winner will be notified by email or phone call once the competition closes. The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time. All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise. Entrants will receive a ticket code which can be activated at Tickets cannot be sold on to third parties.

Your data will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties.

#Blogtober16 Day 8 favourite tv programs

Favourite Tv programmes

As part of the #blogtober16 todays prompt is Favourite TV Programmes, It is so very hard but here is a short list,


#blogtober16 Day 8 Favourite Tv Programmes

Game of Thrones started in 2011 and from the start I was hooked. So far there has been bloodbaths, sex orgies quick and fast deaths, and then the more cruel, gruesome deaths, in the five, yes five years we have followed and prayed for the best outcome of our favourite characters or for them to find the love and peace they crave. It, as you can imagine, is a gripping watch!


My second favourite Tv Program is Breaking Bad; I'll admit like always I fell on the band waggon a little late, I didn't get the idea why everybody was raving on about it so, sat down and watched it.

I most definitely had all the emotions that followed through as it played, If you haven't watched it then do!

My third Favourite Tv Program is American Horror story, and yet again I was late with this one to, thankfully Netflix has the full boxsets and recently put series six up, Lady gaga wow acting is fantastic.


my fourth and final favourite Tv program is The Walking dead, since October 2010 I have followed the gripping storylines and the despicable cliffhangers that you have to wait an eternity to find out the paths each and every character face.


a few characters I liked but some sadly have died along the way, Series 7 is now on!!

So what is your favourite TV series ? 

Welcome to Ashford blog event

Blog Event Ashford In Kent

I have travelled a little further afield for a Blog event, 50.01 miles to be exact. Ashford is a town in the county of Kent, But I couldn’t resist!

Ashford beautiful view

The participating businesses in Ashford taking part in the blog event were
Stag Coffee this was first port of call coffee or should I say a white hot chocolate with squirty cream and a hint of cherry sauce was rather tasty, and even though I brought banana bread for monkey, enviably I ended up eating it #sorrynotsorry

Mm white hot chocolate drink 👌

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It seems these Ashford, independent artisan productions of beautiful items; it was perfect especially when its so close to Christmas, and I am trying to be organised most people want gift vouchers so they can get things when they wish.
Not always the same as opening up a gift especially when it’s handmade by independent shops.

After we had our lovely welcome meet in the Stag coffee shop, Our next stop was snap jewellery.

On display were wedding table placements,(did you know I love owls?) well yes there was so many beautiful glitzy items.
Then in my thoughts I was this is expensive it’s all going to cost a fortune.
Welcomed in, and the owners were so passionate about the there product they were genuinely excited to talk about and demonstrate, this blew me away!


A video posted by Kkmooandmonkey2 (@kkmooandmonkey2) on

I will be purchasing more for Christmas and birthday gifts.

#marvel #DC #Flash #Hulk @snap_jewellery awsome interchangeable accessories for any occasion

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We then went for Emporia Fabric & Craft – haberdashery where we got to turn crafty and either make a felt animal or a knitted coaster,
I opted for a felt toadstool because I have a thing bout Little Birds retro clothing range and toadstool is one of them, more practice on my hand sewing skills, but overall I was happy with the outcome.

#blogashford making #felt #toadstall #littlebirdbyjools #retro #cute

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Enjoyed making a #felt #toadstall #retro #cute

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how beautiful

Beautiful x

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That’s some hungry work; we ended up at the little teapot. Unfortunately, a lady had a funny turn and was in need of emergency services. So as you could imagine the staff were busy trying to assist, I felt assured I would be in safe hands if anything unpleasant as to happen a big well done to these guys!

Eventually, things calmed down, and we returned for jacket potato beans n cheese mm!

We made our way to a cute little shop called Happy & Glorious, make handmade soaps, lotions along with picture frames.
A succulent to try out but as the shop was small I was worried monkeys hands grabbing at everything, so I was happy to be able to bring it home to do.

Made my creative streak want to come out to play!
Then for the drive home, had a lovely day met some lovely passionate people and some bloggers

Take a look at their links below


The Little TeaPot
Bloggers that attended 


Thank you for popping by till the next time