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#Spookysenses Num Noms

Num Noms 

I was recently sent Num Noms Crispy M Mallow Brains recipe to give a try


Very similar to how we made a snack when I was younger so was fun to do this,
please ensure that you have all the correct equipment and not improvise as I did, managed to do it but I remained calm and carried on
Adding the pink and white marshmallows 200g to a bowl, above a boiling pan of water to help melt, add the 30g of butter
when the marshmallow is stringy consistency, take off the heat, adding rice crisps stirring until covered.

Get two large bowls and wet hands * must wet hands, and work fast or you will become a melted mess!

With damp hands scooping up the mixture making oval shapes, I made around twelve in all, refrigerate and then add the gory details veins in the brain, very zombified



We took inspiration from M. Mallow num nom how darn cute is she? Although what We had wasn’t so sweet!


What Num Nom is your most favourite ? And why?

Happy Halloween From Us!



Kidtropolis Event Review


kidtropolis Map

The event started at 2 pm for us; there were two slots some for 9.30 earlier time

It was the first day this event was open, and as to be expected some issues hopefully will be addressed for the next couple of days that the event is on.
With wristband allowed in and out of the main attraction for food.
Buggies and pushchairs are fine thankfully as I don’t think for, four hours Evie could have stood up.

I still point negatives quickly

– No time limits for kids, making rather long ques
– Not much for under 5s,
– A lot of selling stands – so be prepared for the sale pitches

Keira was able to go roller disco and climb the wall the safety aspects showed with Kingswood camp you can see they are on top of that.
Meeting Tiana, she enjoyed that

I do think events like that should have an area where the kids que for meet and greets.
As a lot of children typically got excited and wanted pictures with her, Keira was waiting, and other kids jumped in front which upset Keira, she finds waiting, and numbers before her turn, being autistic frustration is easy for her.

The event was nice; I was upset over one thing; there was a car at the back of the room sectioned, and I was thinking ok a random car? Upon closer inspection, it was my beloved Bumblebee from Transformers, so upset to see him there and not on Exhibit how Optimus Prime was. There wasn’t space for proper photographs to be taken with Optimus Prime, was a case of a quick snap in the hope of getting a decent picture.

To see monkey play on the little train and the little play area was lovely, just a shame there wasn’t any chairs to sit on, but I can see from the safety aspect so it for me wasn’t a massive issue.

Upon these positives and negatives, I’m sure that the next event taken on will be a lot better experience for parents and children.


Have you been to this years Kidtropolis ? 

if so what did you enjoy and what changes do you think could be made for future events?

Angry Birds Movie Review

angry birds


In this hilarious animated adventure comedy, you’ll finally find out why the birds are so angry. In an island paradise populated entirely by happy, flightless birds – or almost entirely, Red, a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck, and the volatile Bomb have always been outsiders. But when the island is visited by mysterious green piggies, it’s up to these unlikely outcasts to figure out what the pigs are up to.

angry birds
The setting was beautiful, lovely beach somewhere I know I wish I was currently being in London, UK you never know if you need a brolly or shorts or possibly BOTH.
So where was I? Oh yes, on a beach sipping a lovely cool beverage. 
We first meet the character Red how cute he was as a baby and how hard he tried at his delivery job! Although not all is as it seems Red has a bit of a temper and it lands him in hot water! 
You see Red was very much a one bird kind of bird, he liked his own company.
Getting into trouble due to his temper opened up somewhat of a different world Red just wasn't used to, 
Watching the characters Red, chuck and bomb form a bond was lovely! 
This really is a great film to show children who go through all emotions that are brung up and how possible one can see that there is a way around it and can be resolved. 
I did have a giggle and yes a tear was shed, it's a brilliant film and the focus on Emotions I think is very good, well done Sony entertainment for trying to teach children feeling how they are, is normal and should be openly talked about. 
Ive found a copy For the retail price of £10!
 I managed to find it cheaper, if you want to bag
yourself a saving of £4.99?
Not bad and as this is an *affiliate link you'd be helping towards my Harry Potter collection, so thank you!!

Slime Fest Halloween Event

Oh yes getting into the spirit of All-hallows like never before!
We're off to Guilford for fun filled day that should get the senses going.. if not me hiding in the corner crying slime and all that nasty sticky stuff, I most definitely am trying to let myself get used to playing and dirt without the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and my body quiver in disgust!
you can see I totally love my car, any opportunity I get to drive and travel for a day out and discover new and fun things to get up to, I generally will go for it.
Keira currently has a thing about Slime anything sticky and dirty she will jump at the chance, Evie she isn't to sure, but the disco was fun for Evie she Loves music!
The boiler room Guilford

The Event Took place in The Boiler Room, Located in Guilford FACEBOOK PAGE 


So What Is SlimeFest ?

well Genie Lab offer A MONSTER PARTY THEME

Duration 60 minutes.

Our Monster Party package will make your toes curl, and your hair stand on end! An electrifying party that will take you on the spine-chilling process of creating a monster! Touch its brain, smell its burps and see how it can be brought to life! Everyone will have a go at making gooey monster eye ball slime!

£ 185*

I was impressed with how all the children got to get involved they all followed instructions and made slime some even got to make glow in the dark slime!

the set up was great eye catching and informative kept me interested, I love science and learning about atoms and molecules, shame I didn’t get good GCSE grades in Science, but I was and always  will be fascinated.

The party was set out like a story with different elements to follow and guess there next moves.. all leading up to a finale Frankenstein so not only was there Science, Experiments there was also English Literature added.

I was disappointed that we travelled so far for 60 mins, I initially thought it was an all day event, but in all, you could see the children were amazed and wowed even wooed with the noises.

Joolz day2 Event

  *Disclosure: I was invited to experience the above day out for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are my own.

I was able to go along to the Joolz day 2 event luckily it wasn't to far to travel, I even got to see my friend Naomi and little Lola was lovely to see the new collections if I had a bigger car I would of loved the new buggy it folds down small but I carry a fair amount in my boot just in case.
The set up for cots and bedding absolutely lovely.
Evie got to try and sit in the joolz day 2 buggy she did look cozy, was a good height as well to see things better.

The goodie bag was filled with lovely items cot bedding and to which will be gifted to a friend due to have a baby soon.

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Evie in the new joolz day 2 design @myjoolz #bestdayever #toddler #blogevent

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@myjoolz beautiful joolz day 2 buggy #toddler #baby

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blogtober16 day 29

Three Confessions of your choice

 Ok I love Harry Potter I'd love to go to the tour and be immersed in the magic behind it.
As said on post  day 16 I'm thinking of getting an owl tattoo with a quote 
I wish that I felt good enough, this will always be a battle for me but I am working more on myself it is a goal for the new year to push more of the beauty and make up side of blogging and vloggin 
I save food for another day, but end up throwing it away due to not using, i have all intentions to using  lt, although batch cooking is the way forward along with meal planning I shall challenge myself and try really hard to eat better, waste less food and try new foods.
Goals 2017 to work on !

#Blogtober16 Day 28 – Favourite instagram Photograph


Favourite Instagram Photo


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our visit to Ripleys 

event with joolz day


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riples Hungarian Dragon harry potter


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Kidtropolis event


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kew gardens muck boot


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