Month: July 2016

In The Night Garden Live 2016

Not too long ago,In the night garden show appeared on Blackheath!

Mummy thought Monkey could do with a treat, so tickets were reserved and printed off.

On the day of the show, it was accessible, I came by car and the normal problem would be parking.

there was plenty of parking available,organised well by staff.

On approaching, we had a short wait outside. by this point, monkey, was toddling around looking at the big pictures of Makka pakka and Upsy Daisy.

All settled in the tent, it was huge! showed tickets and if you were lucky enough to grab a goodie bag for £29 before the show you was to go and get that at the desk.

*excerpt from official website

Goody bags are full of exclusive In the Night Garden toys and souvenirs that you can’t buy anywhere else. The 2016 Goody Bag has a total value over £60 and contains:

• Light Up Windmill – £7.50
• Hand puppet – £4.50
• Magazine – £2.75
• A Tombliboo Soft Toy – £5.50
• Souvenir Story Book Set – £12
• Drinking Bottle – £6.50
• Four Puzzle Set – £12
• ‘Magical Times’ DVD – £10*




Goody, bag in hand and no buggy! Monkey started to toddle her way through the colourful tubes to the main entrance.

goody bag

We managed to choose seats at the front; nice and close to the stage!

It was exciting to see monkeys face light up when the characters came on stage. We had a five-minute wait, and then the song started.

The in the night garden song started to chime, Monkey, immediately got her finger and drew circles on her hand along with the tune.

People dressed in green, arrived on stage holding small puppet figures of the characters.

My first thoughts were this massive stage and these small puppets, what a waste of money!.


Well, I can hold my hands up and say I was wrong! when the main big characters came on stage, the thrill in all the children’s faces was beautiful.

Monkey, sat there, the whole time transfixed by what was unfolding in front of her.. the shock on her face and squeal as makka pakka came on stage, the biggest noise made was whenUpsy Daisy made it!

Wow, the kids went nuts, fantastic!

The show ran for around an hour. And at the end, we had a short wait to meet the characters. (I had paid the extra for this option, also came with one photograph per meet).

So, Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy on the meet list! (now this was the first time monkey had ever seen anyone in a suit so I was a bit dubious of her reaction!).

“I needn’t of been she had a massive smile on her face cuddled and kissed them both!” the photographs we collected at the end.

upsy daisy and igglepiggle

Back to the car, buckled up nice safe and sound ready to make our way home.

I can honestly  say I loved the show and will most definitely be booking again for another time.

It’s made me see that monkey will sit through and thoroughly enjoy a show. So watch this space for more fun adventures coming up!


in the night garden
Thank you for coming back, have you been to see in the night garden show? If so comment below what you thought!

40 things to do before forty

40 before Forty

Inspired Stevie over at a cornish mum.
Got me thinking were the same, seven years until I hit the BIG 40! I do have to admit; it is scary to think about it.
But putting a bucket list together helps focus on the positive side of turning forty.
  1. Lose 30 lbs
  2. Have a capsule wardrobe
  3. Move to my forever home!
  4. Get new lounge furniture (as mine is second hand)
  5. Go Iceland to see the northern lights, sleep with a capsule glass roof and a husky ride.
  6. Get a drone!
  7. Give blood
  8. Pay off debts
  9. Get better at film editing
  10. Visit Harry Potter studio
  11. Watch matilda on stage
  12. Visit Anne Frank annexe
  13. Publish an ebook
  14. Go to the Galapagos island, Ecuador to see the turtles and the views.
  15. Upgrade my photography skills
  16. Get better handwriting
  17. Do a full month Britmums challenge!
  18. Be better at planning events and things.
  19. Go to Disney land Paris again, as both girls got ill.
  20. Blog consistently
  21. Get better with my writing
  22. Establish a routine, and stick to it!
  23. Go snorkeling
  24. Have a budget and stick to it.
  25. Learn French
  26. Holiday in Cornwall
  27. Make friends with another blogger
  28. Start an exercise plan, pilates and stick to it.
  29. Watch matilda on stage
  30. Drive to Preston to visit family.
  31. Drive to Plymouth
  32. Grow vegetables.
  33. Be nominated for a blog category
  34. Go Morrocco
  35. Have a themed Christmas
  36. take an evening lesson
  37. bullet journal better
  38. be organised ! ha
  39. meet with an old penfriend  Austria / Russia
  40. take a cookery class
What do you think of my list is there anything else you can think of to go along with this or anything to add?



The Shard London View

So, Today I arranged to meet up with the lovely Lou and Hope!

we  planned to spend the day ( weather permitting ) up London enjoying a picnic to which I and Lou went somewhat mad buying for!

I booked tickets to go to The Shard, it is a lovely piece of architecture, definitely stands out in the London skyline.

I found it interesting the different types of building we have and the names.

the downside was we was early and the weather was as it usually is in Britain cold and wet.

the girls got restless as we met at 10 not realising we would be stuck with nothing to do until 1pm when we got to see the views.

so we had some lovely coffee and a sandwich then we were naughty and had Krispy kream doughnuts uh oh!

After we whetted our krispy kream appetite we decided to have a mooch in the Shard shop.

Krispy Kreams

oh my! there was so many lovely pricey things, the stationary and kitchen items were monochrome style. you can see from the photographs how hard it was to resist everything.

1pm came and monkey was slowly falling asleep, unusual really out of both the girls KK would fall asleep in the buggy but Monkey won’t.

and I was told, “I’m sorry but you’re not allowed to take buggies any further than this point!”

so by now I have a grizzly baby, and  I wasn’t allowed to use my new tripod holder ( cue pissed off mummy ). so I then had to take all bags – picnic items and the usual bag I have with monkeys essentials to carry along with a monkey who at this point was having a screaming fit and unhappy.

Lou said to one of the workers that it wasn’t fair Monkey was tired and needed her buggy. would have completely ruined my Shard experience, thankfully we were allowed and we had a happy monkey and happy mummy.

we entered the hall where what seemed like we were visiting willie Wonka and his chocolate factory, the lift was super fast, Floor number 68 we arrived at in no time. KK wasn’t happy as she wanted to go floor 72 but we were working our way up.

It is just a shame the weather wasn’t as good, would have been a lovely view on a clear sunny day.

the view Shard

finally, we got to floor 72 and wow it was a garden astroturf with a bar, a glass of champers £10 ! a GLASS !

we stuck to the coffee by god did we need it lol.

The girls got along so well and was inviting each other over to each other’s homes, in the end, we settled on the shopping centre closest to us both.

Snippet of info –


London’s highest and best view is situated at the top of The Shard, on floors 68, 69 and 72. At almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in the capital, it offers visitors unparalleled 360-degree views for up to 40 miles.


Also a sneek at the Monochrome sets –

monochrome sets


I hope you enjoyed this post and VLOG !!

come back soon and please leave a comment !!!


Rocky Horror Show- Review

I decided it was the time I treated me and Mr B to a show, I found out not far away a performance for Rocky Horror Show was on.

Well as soon as I see that! the tickets were in my basket and there was no going back!
It was an early performance and I had to sort arrangements for both girls which meant one at one nanny and the other nearer to mine, a fair bit of faffing about and was the first ever night I’d be without my monkey!

After dropping the girls off and making our way- me driving, I had difficulty spotting a car park argghhh.

Finally, red was parked safe and sound and we were on the way to the show.

On approaching the theatre you could spot who was going, it was fantastic to see all the dressed up people all sizes and creed.

Stocking, suspenders, fishnets, feather boas, heels, French maid outfits and even good old gold glitter jacket along with top hat for the Magenta look.

Show time

I was very happy with the ambience there was a fantastic energy in the room and that was before the show had even started.

The show started off with Mr Norman Pace, in a deep-voiced being the narrator, fantastic banter between him and the audience, you could tell the followers as they kept adding bits from the front and saying things, Hale did a fantastic job even if he did chuckle to some of the things said but I think that added to the fun of the night.


The Songs that were sung were fantastic, even got up to do the time warp!
 The actor Liam Tamne, that played frank-n-furter did remarkably well very impressed, he pulled Tim curry’s role.
Rocky horror show Tim Curry

















Amazing fun filled night the lightening made me jump from my seat really good.


It spurred me on to look at other shows on at the theatre to take Monkey or KK.

I will say it was rather risqué. It’s the sort of show you want to get up and dance to how can you not, it’s just a step to the left, and bend your knees in tight.

Have you been to see Rocky horror show? If so was you up dancing with the songs ringing in your ears all night?