Month: June 2016

#BML16 Event

As I went to bed Friday night, I was feeling nervous as hell! About going to my first ever blog event! Also, leaving the girls all day with Mr B, I know they will be alright, with the occasional photo update to convince me that the girls were not stuck to the ceiling or tie Mr B to a chair and become hooligans.

I think when I woke up and started to get ready instant panic set in, but I knew that was either adrenaline or just need feeling like I wouldn’t fit in.

Starting my journey by car, I drove first time up to London.  My Tom Tom and I have fallen out kept telling me to go the wrong way, and losing GPS signal. So Google map to the rescue.

One thing that I have learnt, is not ever to park on the street road, even if it is to check how far away the venue is and if there is parking available, on returning a just 4 minutes from leaving Red, she ends up with a note on her screen and me with a £65 fine for 4 sodding minutes. I tried to tell the lady I hadn’t even been long. That started the day off to a fantastic start!

Putting my upset aside, still feeling nervous alone and jelly legs I found the brewery. And was securely parked in a car park not too far away.

It was lovely to see beaming faces! All dolled up ladies it was like going to the Ascot, well I’d imagine that’s how it was like.

When I arrived in received my lanyard with my name and my blogger status!

The speeches had started as I was queuing up for my first coffee of the day, I found a seat with two lovely ladies, and we were soon joined by three more women. On each table, there was pads, pens and water for each person as well as a cute bowl with mints in. And an intriguing pink parcel. For which I never win anything from- usually but today I won 3 of the four rounds, but I gave the other ladies the sweets.

I found the girl that sat with me was friendly, and we spoke a lot. It was lovely to of met you, Sara! You can find the lovely Sara











Britmums kicked off with the founders Susanna Scott and Jennifer Howze,












was soon followed by Kirstie Pelling Poet in motion Britmums we are live, was beautiful and funny to hear well done!

I was fangirling several bloggers, and I was shy at first Sara quickly reminded me that we are here to network and if I didn’t then I’d regret not talking up.

























So glad I did it was fantastic to meet Emma brummymummyof2, who I link up with for #wickedwednesdays.























Often try to take part in Twitter chats and spoken to you baby me mummy you can find Aby here, who has been so lovely in helping with some blog things.

carol smillie























And I even met ms carol smillie! I can say I purchased her knickers.  She has a brand called the Diary Doll. This; is for ladies, with a little less – ahem- support due to having children and generally, being lazy in pelvic floor exercises.

I’m Looking forward to trying these out and writing about them. And I just had to get a selfie and an autograph.

I managed to get to several talks which were interesting, but I wished it lasted longer. Judith Lewis talked about understanding SEO.

I then went on to the youtube: collaborate & grow your audience which was fun and informative by Kate Rushworth.

The Clangers kindness Lunch supplied lunch. I had a lovely lamb with mash was tasty. In the MAM room, I got to listen to Nigel Camp who talked about affordable equipment that unlocks your potential. I would love the lighting equipment I confess I am a techy geek and love to buy new things.

2016-06-27_0006 2016-06-27_0005









Then I had the option to join table talk around tables, being as this is my first event I  didn’t know each table had different topics.

I had sat at the Activist mums table! Ok to be honest when I found out I was sitting on a table about activists I envisaged talking about eco parenting and whipping off bras in support of breastfeeding,

I was pleasantly surprised to find the talk was something that struck a chord with me about baby blues and PND and mental illness. The stigma that makes women too scared to talk out about their inner feelings, for fear of not coping and having their baby taken from them.

There is a petition online if you feel strongly that new mums need a better support network. Please sign and help change things for the better <;

I stayed a little longer mooching in the hub and lounges to see the sponsors and what new things are out.  2016-06-27_0009







































there was a cute area set up for #bigtentlittlefestival for family friendly camping sites.

WOOHOO provided some yummy more-ish crepes, definitely a great buy for a quick breakfast to impress the kiddos!














I had a great day, coming home felt like a dream and I felt motivated to draft some blogs I had meant to do. Talking on Twitter, we carried on the networking, and I hit a 500 Twitter following! I hope to gain more knowledge and confidence from this.

Thank you Britmums for the day, one thing I can say I feel two days may have been better.

Thank you for reading


Spellbindingly Wicked Musical up London

Hello, and welcome to my first-weekend blog
Today we are off up London for some theatre fun, we’re trying the autistic performance of Wicked Musical  Up London. @WickedUK
So excited to have a girls day with my KK as it has been a while. But second time being monkey free for most of the day sp we can go and see Wicked Musical.
Wicked Musical
This Spellbinding magical show had us gripped with happiness and wonder.
Emma Hatton who Played Elphaba was amazing  @emmahatton1  take a look at the link.
was a fantastic show with lots of energy and the storyline had me feeling my childhood of The Wizard of Oz was not all it was made out to be, having said that it does show there are two sides to every story, which no one should forget.
we even shed a tear or two, it was simply amazing and the fact that KK could relax and do what she wanted without me saying stop it, had me relaxed.

Wicked Musical

wicked musical 2
The atmosphere was fantastic and I look forward to attending many more shows in the very near future.

Please take a look at our Vlog that shows our visit up London to see Wicked Musical

A short story of the day –  we made friends with a lady and her daughter who is also on the spectrum, and we have arranged in the Half Term holiday to meet up for the day.
wicked musical 3
                                 The lady in this photograph with KK and the lovely Hope, is called Sophie,
If you ever get the privilege to meet her she does an amazing job and really made both girls feel like princesses. If you read this Sophie thank you so much xx
please let me know if you have been to any relaxed shows and how you found it?
Thank you for coming back!