I decided to help me start to blog more often I decided to do a challenge for April.


so far posting on Twitter and Instagram, seeing other #mummybloggers pictures of there little ones is lovely,

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Monkey after #1yearjabs #mmr #15months #babygirl

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This was taken not long after monkeys jabs bless her heart I hate it, but chocolate made things better 🙂


@BritMums #lifestyleblogger #mumblog #toddler #SnapHappyBritMums Day2- #nails

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Day 2 was #Nails, I know my nails look ok but they are poorly looked after and I miss my falsies that always looked polished – French Manicure I always find beautifully stylish.


Day 3 #ball #SnapHappyBritMums sphere at the aquarium, kk enjoying the sea life. #pbloggers #mumblog #lifestyleblogger #tween

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Day 3 #Ball we visited the Aquarium KK got into a global sphere shape to take a closer look at the seahorses in front of her, she looks mesmerized


#SnapHappyBritMums @BritMums day 4 #laugh monkey in #sensoryplay

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Day 4 #laugh KK didnt want to come out today so perfect oppertunity to check out a new play centre that has opened up with monkey, as you can see she loved it and squealed loads of smiles playing with other toddlers, I must of had a massive smile on my face as my cheeks hurt at the end of the day – I will do a blog post soon on this day


@BritMums #SnapHappyBritMums day 5 #children #familyfun #lifestyleblogger #mumblog

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Day 5 #children prompt and I took this shot prior to moving the car, love the freedom we have now trips to places take so much less time then before. kk loves sitting next to monkey. xx

Day 6- #sun OK,ok bit of a cop out but today I had planned to meet my sister and go cinema have a lovely day, but my poor KK woke up being sick so we had to stay in.
the weather was far from sunny and then the postie came and dropped this ray of #sunshine amber pumpkin teething necklace. – will write a review on this in a few weeks time. but It is beautiful.

please link up with your posts Id love to see what your photographs are.