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Fun and Cheap Easter Basket Ideas for Kids


Easter is almost here, which means that it is high time you put together a basket full of goodies for your most precious ones. If you are tired of the same old gifts, stay with us. Here are five ideas for fun and budget-friendly Easter baskets for your kids.

  1. Easter Basket to Promote Motor Play

If your little one is 12 to 18 months old, you should put together an Easter basket that will develop his or her motor skills. Children of this age are still too young for candy, so different kinds of simple toys will be good. Stacking cups are a great choice, since they will help with eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Also, bath toys that can be squeezed and easily moved from hand to hand are also fantastic for that purpose. Plastic eggs are highly required, too, since the basket needs an ultimate Easter look.

  1. Garden Themed Easter Basket

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A small plastic toy wagon filled with different kinds of candy, such as chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs, jelly beans, and egg-shaped lollipops is a perfect option for kids aged from 2 to 5. This is an amazing alternative to a traditional Easter basket, and you can be sure that kids will love plastic gardening toys included in it. Just fill the wagon with green shredded paper which will remind of grass, and then place all the toys and candy in it. Add a pair of bunny ears for the cutest look ever, and hide your present so that children enjoy their hunt.

  1. Toy Truck Easter Basket

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A toy truck Easter basket will be a perfect surprise for your little boy aged from 2 to 5. He will be so excited to discover his favourite vehicle stacked with candy and amazing toys. Just go and purchase a bunch of different sweets and other goodies, such as chocolate eggs and bunnies, as well as toys like Frisbee, jigsaw puzzle, sidewalk chalks, or a soft ball. Boys will love the fact that they can keep the truck, while munching on candies they got in it.

  1. Sleepy Bunny Goody Bags

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Such a goody bag requires some sewing and embroidering skills, however, it will be worth all the effort in the end. You will need two pieces of fabric (20cm x 15cm), which should be sewed together in order to make a pouch. Then cut out the ears from the same fabric, and sew them to the pouch. The last step is embroidering the bunny face on the front side of it, and voila – there is a perfect handmade goodie bag for your little ones. Fill it with different treats and let the hunt begin!

  1. Sensory Play Games

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Sensory play is an essential part of your children’s development, so including toys and games that enhance it is actually a great idea. An Easter sensory bin can be one of the best solutions, because it includes hands-on play. You will need rice dyed in green, little fluffy chicks, wooden and plastic eggs, small scoops, and acrylic flowers. Fill the bin with rice and let the kids feel its texture, put chicks in the eggs and tell them to open and count these, let them practice scooping… There are so many possibilities with this one. Video games can also enhance cognitive and development and sensory skills, andPoptropica is one of the best of them. It definitely has multiple benefits – besides being entertaining, it is also educational.

As you can see, putting together an Easter basket doesn’t require much money – all you have to do is to include your kids’ favourite candies, as well as games and toys which will promote their cognitive and sensory development. Learning through play is the best way of learning, so make sure that this aspect of an Easter present is covered, too.

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Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie expat living in the UK and a newbie parenting blogger. Check out her blog Young Mom Of Two.

news flash kim kardash

Ok, so the latest on the Kardashians what will Kim do next to gain popularity or try to break the internet?

you guessed it, pose nude and post covering ahem areas.
so me and my friend were having a chat as you do and the subject came up.

we both agree she has a lovely figure BUT, being mums ourselves we both think its a step too far?
 photo 31F2F56600000578-3480044-Breaking_the_internet_again_Kim_Kardashian_posed_completely_nake-a-24_1457340473349_zps6ujcrec8.jpg

what next it seems Kim maybe trying to upstand Kanye’s ex in a series of selective shall we say pictures.

I feel sorry for the kids as they will grow up and find that when they get older.

 photo 31F8C25500000578-3480044-Not_loving_it_The_E_beauty_s_shape_is_impressive_but_there_was_o-m-92_1457389518920_zpsnutxn25k.jpgtrue celebrities hit back at this behaviour and I do feel the way Kim has replied is slightly rude and needs manners on talking to people of higher stature

Bette Midler – Kim would have to ‘swallow the camera’ to show something we haven’t seen before after her naked selfie.



given that Kim genuinely only became `famous` was via a sex tape sets good standards and a good role model for the young girls of today.

but wait Hit girl – hits back Chloe Moretz, who suggested she be a better role model for young women.
 photo 31F9554500000578-0-image-a-2_1457401519635_zpsyhmpkjof.jpg

When some users of the social networking site then suggested Chloe was ‘slut shaming’ Kim, she tweeted again to defend herself.

 photo kim-kardashian-tweets-3-8-16-chloe-moretz_zpsfbari978.jpg

Kim promptly fired back:
 photo screen-shot-2016-03-08-at-9-47-34-am_zpsa8aknolr.png
 photo kick_ass_2_66910_zps7czo8okn.jpg
can we just take a moment to admire HITGIRL !!


She also joked that she had paid off the $53m debt her husband Kanye West claimed to have, writing: ‘Sorry I’m late to the party guys I was busy cashing my 80 million video game check & transferring 53 million into our joint account.’

Kim finished off her rant by sharing another naked picture, this time with the caption: ‘Liberated.’
 photo c8e3c559-2b79-4099-a1e3-9451c918acf1_zpsijd7jemm.jpg



SO what are your thoughts and views on the latest antics of Kim … ??






*excerpts from daily mail online and twitter

Anticipated day – new journeys

The day that we’ve anticipated is the day we had the assessment date to see if KK is autistic or just naughty.

The day came filled with nerves I drove to the clinic in plenty of time, typically the doctor had been caught in traffic, which was the added anticipation.

I couldn’t tell you what I was expecting to happen in that room but it wasn’t as worrying as I thought it was going to be.
With me, I guess the fear of the unknown is what holds me back on a fair few things.

while me, the other doctor and Monkey watched KK play with the other doctor I couldn’t help but think how her playing is showing anything. Was explained at the end it’s to coax children into feeling relaxed and open up.
With the information that already had from school and other authorities involved she does, in fact, have autism and ADHD.

I cannot tell you how relieved I felt hearing them words because I have been fighting since KK was 2 1/2 years old and she is 10 now. Tell you after a while you just think you’re a bad parent and obviously not bringing her up right, up until now that is how I have been made to feel.
Now waking up the next day it’s made me think differently.
I will finally get the help needed. In a do few weeks time I will meet the doctor again to discuss EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) and medication.
There are so many things we can have help with so it’s just waiting and coming to terms with things and doing training for ways to cope better with meltdowns and seeing how I can improve my parenting.

For 8 years I have said there is something more going on with KK,
If you’re a parent and feel that your child has signs act now to get the help or it will get worse.

Please let me know if you are a parent with an autistic and ADHD child and how you have received help and things for your child and yourself.