Month: November 2015

#BEDN2015 Day 16

BEDN 2015 day 16


Anti-bullying week

Bullying is one of the single most horrid things anyone can do or endure. No one is above or below anyone we are all equal.
As I was brought up to treat all people as equal and never look down on people.
I have had various forms of bullying throughout my life, and even now still brings back horrible memories that I’d rather erase.

But we can’t and it makes us who we are. Many people use it and do good or they repeat the same process. Cut ties and move on!

I know easier said then done but really no point letting the past control your here and now or future.
So 2016 is coming what are you going to work on to boost yourself ?



#BEDN2015 Day 15



I figured for this as I’m getting my skills up on YouTube videos please have a look at my video I’ve had a go at, currently trying to do a second here is hoping that I can get it figured out soon as I want to join the vlogging community.

Would anyone you have tips for a newbie ?

Thank you all


#BEDN2015 Day 14

BEDN 2015 Day 14

what is your expertise?

So the question beckons what is your expertise? well to be honest with you I personally am unsure so I have asked a couple of people to see what they say, my friend, Emz has said Motivation as I previously said on Day 11

we do daily lists to get us going and try to stay focused on what’s going on day-to-day.

my mum said photography – see as I said previously it is a passion and I have taken extra classes to help perfect or get more confident in my abilities.
I am so looking forward to doing Monkeys home cake  smash will be looking ideas up on my beloved Pinterest to conjure up ideas as I want to photograph and film the set up of it and progress.

I would love to be more creative and prepared next year so many things I like to do but I’m forever cleaning.


#BEDN 2015 Day 13


World Kindness Day 


This title resonates so much to so many things that have been going on and around the world recently.
I would like to send my thoughts and love to all those affected in all the atrocities to which have happened in Mexico, Beirut, Japan, Baghdad and now Paris – I have added an image that has been circulating on facebook that I feel puts things into perspective.
13th of November in the UK is Children in Need, can I say how emotional I am anyway over adverts or watching soaps, I cry at anything but to see these children, babies that haven’t even had a chance in life be caused so much pain and upset makes my heart break, given that I have seen my family go through this and my friends little man is unwell.
Children in need is a massive televised fundraiser that accumulates amazing totals to help people needing the funds to keep their facilities going and upgrading
Twitter Link @BBCCiN
I found this video moving and needs to be watched
Haven House in Essex
please donate to help these causes everyone deserves a chance or a helping hand in life, no one is below us.
There are a few charities in my heart and I still find more, in an ideal world if we all had the money no one would need or want for anything.
 what charities do you hold close to your heart and have you done anything out of your comfort zone to raise money for them ??


#BEDN 2015 Day 11

Blog Everydayin November 11



Lists for me help my mind function, I have recently been looking into planners as I love diary’s, journals and notebooks I prefer two sizes depending on what it is being used for.
A4 and A5 really didn’t realise how much enjoyment I got from stationery, and how I long to have the perfect plan to which I am still trying to perfect.
The organised mum does a lovely yearly plan and calendars with sections for different members wishing that family for appointments and clubs.
I then moved to Filofax domino which is a personal size, if your writing like mine is Un-neat and big you won’t fit much in a page.
I think that is why I prefer A4 and A5.
I then moved to an A5 Filofax and purchased, printed, folded and punched my DIY FISH inserts. I loved the concept, but for me I couldn’t get it to work.
I found that when doing #konmari that I preferred simplistic and easy access so researched more on bullet journaling. Also came across mind dumping, and when I was at school I loved mind mapping; the simple things that help inspiration flow to and from your mind and the simple ticking or colour blocking when the list item is completed. Gives the sense of sweet gratification that you may not fell you have done a lot but when you look at how many ticks have been completed you feel a sense of achievement.






Gold or silver stars for all!

Have you tried this sort of method? If so what do you find works for you? Would love to read your ideas.



#BEDN 2015 Day 12

#BEDN 2015 day 12

You’re Local Area

Well, this is a very broad subject for me, my location is based near where the plague was. Many are believed to be buried beneath the Blackheath common, strangely it’s a popular area for many events such as Firework displays, Zippos circus the half term fun fair, Race For Life events even the London Marathons starting point is there.

Further down in Greenwich you will find The Royal Observatory situated  at the top of Greenwich park.
rangers house this is lovely to visit.

The National Maritime Museum does a lot of events free and paid for there is so much history to be seen and experience-
The Queens house
The cutty sark
Greenwich Market
Greenwich foot tunnel

 Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-48-37-1 Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-47-49-1 Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-46-35-1 Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-46-41-1 Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-46-47-1























Please note Images are my own.

filming of Thor took place at the university of Greenwich, in fact so many films are filmed within this area it’s historic and modern.


So how about you do you have any local historic areas that you can recommend?



#BEDN 2015 Day 10

Blog Every Day in

Blog Everydayin November 10


A family is everything if it wasn’t for my mum dad sister and man.. of course my girls are included and others.
But a lot of people have suffering and pain many have so many issues they just can’t get addressed or resolved, which is sad we have one life each time we are here. (If you agree in reincarnation?) I’d like to think we continue on and learn as we progress.

I have spoken previously about my Mum and sister being unwell, my mum has had cancer 4 times, yes four! and is still alive today! to read more Read here
my sister has a brain tumour was unwell age 12 Christmas day broke down and couldn’t cope, it is hard to feel festive when you have had to face both your mother and sister gravely ill and given months to live.
Can I say, no matter what the doctor says it is not 100% they do not know how long you will live for, example my sister age 12/13 was told after her op that with chemotherapy that she will have 6 months to a year, ok well let me tell you she is 22 now and still fighting fit.
you appreciate things so much more when you face people you loves lives on the line, as Marie Kondo would say materialistic things mean nothing, memories are forever. it really has made me think of how much I took for granted, even now, if I don’t see my mum, dad of sister for a week or so I start to get massively depressed and tearful, then my mind plays nasty games with me and adds what if they wasn’t ever there.. safe to say I cry like a baby.
will say this Friday KK is staying at my cousins and his two kiddies will have fun. me and Monkey will be staying at my mum n dads.  I miss my mums cooking and I get to have a lovely bath.
Monkey has now started to do so many new things I love to see her grow but saddens me my baby is disappearing in front of my eyes, cherish every moment and make the memories flow.
what does Family mean to you?