Month: October 2015

Half Term October



Since it is now HALF TERM YAY.. we have decided to meet up with some friends for soft play, looking up reasons why the darn bus is taking forever, it seems there has been an accident.. do hope all are ok and not fatal.

So we decided Tiger Cubs was a good idea for KK and Monkey, as Monkey has now started the crawling malarkey hurrah.. argggg baby safe everything hehe..

Times like this I wish my car was fixed so I can just take the girls out on adventures.
Thamesmead center you can find Tiger Cubz by clicking on the link provided .
nether the less we had KFC and went for some fun and a crawl about, Monkey enjoyed herself so much was so cute to see her play and get excited seeing all the bright colours and other children.

Decided I will have to find a Local one to me as by bus it is a bit of a distance and would be lovely to nip into one while KK is in school, means I get some time off Cleaning .. I do often wonder where my cleaning fairy is, maybe she is on a mini holiday ?

We didn’t really get up to very much this Half term as my Tween KK is very much into MineCraft so leaving the home is a massive struggle,

How was your Half term and what did you get up to ??


Sassy Bloom Box #1

Hello you lovely lot..
So I was curious after watching some youtubers open a #sassybloom box and I was like OMG I need this in Princesses life..
Sassy bloom #1
SassyBloom Box #sassybloom #babygirl #10months #babygifts
to see her little face light up and play with her new toys made my day,
I filmed her squealing and testing them out, I found my first box excellent value for money !
included was –
if you would like to give #sassybloom box a try and have “£10 off” please use the link provided