Month: May 2013



Hi guys and girlies,


Well today I’m going to be talking about a local guy I know, who made his way in the world by creating Funkercise !


I do have to admit to attending his aerobics class, and boy did Scott put me through my paces,

He started off small and managed to do events and have venues to do regular workout slot.

He admitted to trying out for BGT previously but didn’t get selected,


unlike this year managed to get Ant and Dec on stage with him at the weekend to teach the judges how to ‘funkacise’.

Scott had originally been an entertainer with Thomas Cook in Spain, but decided to miss out on work in a bid to compete in the show.

However even though he got past the judges, Scott didn’t make it through the next round, despite travelling to find out his fate.

And the decision cost him his job, now leaving Scott struggling to pay his bills.

“I had a great future but threw it all away as they convinced me I had a chance of going through to the live shows,” he told The Sun newspaper today. “They only wanted me back so they could film me being dumped. I’m now at rock bottom and on the dole thanks to that show.”

Meanwhile, it’s also been revealed that Scott previously appeared in gay porn films.

He admitted: “I never told the people at Britain’s Got Talent as I thought they’d never let me on. I’m not proud of it but I was short of money. I did the last one last year and hoped BGT would give me a fresh start.”

Extract from the website, for more accurate reading.


Scott is a very business minded, lovely manner and very energetic.. As you can see from the YouTube clip he would have you up on your feet funkercising away .
I do have to add a personal note that I think scott is fab and very up beat person who tries to strive in the fitness and fund raise when he can to help spread awareness to all, his recent fund raiser was
Shelter’s London fundraiser’s doing Sexy Scott’s Funkacise (Starships Nicki Minaj) routine outside House’s of Paliament!I shall link the fantastic youtube link here
Id like to wish scott the best of luck in his business venture and hope to meet up and interview soon !!


#BEDM Day 24 What’s in your fridge?

#BEDM Day  24 What’s in your fridge?

Describe and photograph what is in your fridge right now. Be honest!
Whats in my fridge you ask well …
  • I have milk – love Milk Tea!
  • Veggies- celery ants on a log yummy can be found 
  • onions
  • galaxy chocolate
  • I and ladybug made some rice crispy cakes mmmm
not the best fridge as I haven’t done a shop or starter the eating healthy as of yet hmmm ( I’m on it )
so you nosey lot what is in YOUR Fridge ?? :0)


#BEDM Day 23 Compliments

#BEDM Day  23 Compliments

Tell us about the best compliment you have ever received.
This one is very hard, mainly as I’m not confident about myself and I don’t take compliments. but one of which I liked was motherhood has become me I grew as a person, you have to grow up and try to take stock of your life you can’t mess about when children are brought into the equation
this is a short post but do let me know what your best compliment has been ?

#BEDM Day 22 13 year old You!

#BEDM Day  22 13 year old You!

If you could talk to your 13 year old self, what would you say?
Dear clarissa,
you may not think it now and I know you don’t believe me which now me looking back as a 30 year old, makes me wish for you to listen more to your mum, do not be the class clown and be stupid it’s not cleaver and your not achieving anything behaving stupidly, secondary school is damn hard but who cares what the girls say you know what you and your family are just smile and don’t take the crap they dish, hit back.. Don’t stop judo get your confidence and don’t let the girls get to you; as now knowing they had their own issues and are truly sorry for how you was miss treated by them. Being mothers themselves now and worry for there children.
Also you are fine the way you are eat better meals don’t starve yourself it will cause so many problems later in life trust me.
Don’t rush things and don’t worry so much, and don’t get loans out ! you will thank me later.
This is hard without going into to much detail about my life; of which I can share
pay attention to those that are there family, as friends come and go, don’t get close and you wont get burned.

#BEDM Day 21 Dream Job

#BEDM Day  21 Dream Job

If you could do anything in the world to make a living what would it be?
Ahh my dream job ever would be make up artist mixed salon, ok ill explaine I love the idea of tranquil, spa typeesque venues, and going to the salon for a small pamper, making someone feel good and look good is a bonus, but to mix that with a photographic studio would be great I’d love to run it and get hands on down and dirty with staff working as one equal.
Creating beauty and calm with a whole over bunch of emotions would be amazing.


#BEDM Day 20 Newsflash

#BEDM Day  20 Newsflash

Talk about something that is in the news today.
A devastating mile-wide tornado hit the US state of Oklahoma on Monday, flattening neighbourhoods, causing widespread fires and landing a direct hit on an elementary school.

Homes and buildings were reduced to rubble in Moore, south of Oklahoma City. Cars were strewn across roadways, and entire blocks were flattened. The local medical examiner’s office said 51 people had died, including seven children.

The National Weather Service said the storm measured an EF-4 on the enhanced Fujita scale, the second most-powerful type of tornado.

President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in Oklahoma. The state governor, Mary Fallin, deployed 80 National Guard members to assist with recovery operations as fears grew that many children would be among the dead. “Hearts are broken,” Fallin told a news conference.

Hospitals were treating more than 120 people, including 70 children. Some were in a critical condition.

The storm struck in a part of the US known as Tornado Alley. Amateur video footage showed a dark funnel of cloud snaking across the landscape, flattening buildings in its path and scattering debris over the streets. Winds reached speeds of 200mph.
My thoughts are with everyone at this awful time and know as a community they will rally around and rebuild a new.

“natural” disasters happen, and lives are lost, but donations come in and its great to help the cause.


News report from 


#BEDM Day 19 Favourite Tradition

#BEDM Day  19 Favourite Tradition

We all make up traditions that carry over year after year. What is your favourite tradition? Big or small, share the details and why you enjoy it.
My favourite tradition is Christmas, yes it’s stressful and just one day and costly and arghh.. To see ladybugs face when we do Izzie the elf on a shelf, this is new and a very fun creative tradition I am putting in place. As well as the Santa tracker and north pole video or phone call..
makes a lump in my throat the magic of Christmas for kiddos
How about you ?? tell me what your favourite tradition for Christmas is ?