Month: April 2013

Food – Ants on a log

Hii all

OK so a different post, my little lady has a thing about food and not a good thing.
so whilst I was on Pinterest I came across an interesting snack that was healthy and also Low in GI

you will need –

* celery stick
* peanut butter
* raisins

pack the peanut butter on the celery stick and add raisins to be the ants.
Myself, Anjie and little lady tried this and the taste test was thumbs up from the adults
but a dramatic yuk, cough, choke and splutter from little lady..

still looking for a healthy snack but thanks to this one for me its nice hehe


Give it a try and let me know what you think ??

Starting a fresh


Today my lovelies I shall be talking about 21 day habits, did you know to stick with a routine you have to do it daily for 21 days for it to stick !

Thous is why I’ve started a twitter hashtag #50squatsaday which means 50 squats a day , or 100, can also add 50 lunges, crunches ?

Fitness and health I need the motivation people… So Monday 29th will be the start of my healthy me, by the age of 31 I want to reach my goal weight of 12 stone 7lbs ! I shall put some tickera to show my progress and target time, I think it will have to be weight watchers again from home weigh day should be Wednesday so hump day.

Thinking back when I did lose weight I would treat myself to a take out why not I deserve it right ??
This is where evil and nice cherubs sit on my shoulders and tempt, lure and beg me to give into my temptations, so to battle the same thing re happening; I shall be armed with a list to pic from…
Suggestions are welcome!!

My aim is to be healthy and look healthier, I love my curves, being an hourglass figure it’s good to have basic essentials in the draws and wardrobe, winter is finally passing and I think the time has come to start donning the colourful dresses and domonte embellished sandals, focus areas are abdominals, buttox, inner and outer thighs and triceps.

My biceps are actually alright it’s the other team player not playing ball lol.

So I’m assuming 50lbs + to shift, within the time frame of ten months would be do able ?

15 stone 7.5 = 42 lbs to lose arghh Target 12 stone 7lbs !

Three times per week work out and walking most places, might even invest in a scooter for myself.. Hmm
Giving where I live it’s a bit of a walk for the school run, so a lot of the time if I can be bothered I walk the hill, purely to dodge the teenagers that get off the next stop from me. And gives me a mini workout.

I was fairly active in my teens but now I’m mainly sedentary , and lazy …
But now I really dislike being the size I am, so I have to do some thing about it.

Walking up the hill I have timed to take 4 mins 45 seconds from my door to bus stop, incline of I’d say 15%.

I shall do a list to what junk I have been consuming with points and calories in aid to put myself off eating it, swap for healthier choices

Weight watchers
5% goal is 11 to lose
10% goal is 22 to lose
This would be a 33lbs target before of what’s left to drop, is 9lbs till hitting goal

But I can and will do it !!

Sally Hansen 14 day nail shield review

Sally Hansen 14 day nail shield review

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Pre-treated, sheer color strips instantly bond to nails for maximum protection and strength, with a hint of color. These sheer color nail strips give an instant manicure. The color infused strips go on dry so there is no drying time or smudging. Strips won’t chip up to 14 days.Choose among 3 sheer color shades!
RRP £7.50

Hi all ok so above is all the information that follows this review.

Prepping was easy, normal manicure, push cuticles back, shine ridges;
Next is to measure the sizes for the nails, peeling the strips was a little baffling but realised it needs 2 sides peeled before applying the strips to the nail bed;
To shorten the shield I found it reasonably easy to draw a line bend where the nail ends and it peels off from there.

My first impressions are very cool and do able, I’d do this again, my nails look nice and sleek even after cleaning.
And bargain buy £1.

7-9 days later
So I have had these nail shields on for a few days, my nails are noticeably longer and stronger, I’m not liking the discolouration or crackle effect it’s left on my nails,


Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Eventually I had to use nail polish remover to take them off and after that 5 nails broke over a period of days, although it was a good product I’m not sure I will be using it again,

Main thing was £1 so not really lost anything by using it.



Undefined Body

Hii All
So after reading the Lovely Tattooedtea lady’s blog post
inspired me to write from my angle of life,
I applaud Sophia in her total honesty and truth to lay bare her difficulties she faced when she was growing and still now tackling her body image issues.
this being the subject I should start from the beginning, little old me I wasn’t your average child I was boisterous and what didn’t help was I was 1 and people used to say to my mum,” why is she in a buggy? she is far to old” when they were told I was only one there obviously shocked, see I wasn’t a big child I was tall, I was the tall skinny long-haired goofy teeth kid that people found easy to tease, puberty hit and I was 8-9 a friend pointed out I had under arm hair and I was so upset I went home crying and was told to shave it,
you would think hitting puberty at a young age would mean I developed the usual set of boobs and matured but no, sadly my body mainly my boobs stayed fairly the same, I was 17-18 size 34AA and slim, mainly due to eating disorder,
I starved myself when I did eat it would be quick crap chocolate fizz, and then I would feel massively guilty and exercise,
I had also of issues growing up with my body, there was one time I recall going clothes shopping with my mum, and now I know what she meant, I was tall skinny no boobs I was shapeless, my mum would get so angry at the shops, obviously Id think it was my fault as to why she was always saying “why does nothing look right on you”
this tainted my enjoyment even till now when I am on an off day I can still hear this said in my mind, if it wasn’t that I was teased and bullied not just in primary aged 5 but all the way through my teens un till I hit 16-17 I was accepted I loved college
The fact I was at college and working had my man, things were great except my body issues, he had to deal with me being unhappy just like my mum and sister..
So I decided I was going to save up my money and buy myself some boobs, my mum assumed that I was going to go way to big like Jordan / Katie Price, but that is and never will be what I want to look like I just wanted to look like a woman
you name it i tried it breast enhancement pills, Hoover because of the Bravo bra instead of surgery, in the end I went and had it done I was so thrilled with the results, I went back for liposuction, in several areas
  • back
  • abdominal
  • inner and outer thighs
lets just say looking back on it now it was totally worthless getting done, I would kill to be the size I was then now..
I am still battling with my daemons  not long after I had my breasts done I fell pregnant with my little lady who is now 7, due to the weight gain and loss my implants started to ripple and hurt and look funny, so I had to pay for more, thinking about it now I wish I had gone a tiny bit bigger … but I shall have to work on that.
I have been through a lot of hurts and upset some caused by others, which lead to self-harming, drinking, smoking and other stuff I’m not proud of it but we live, and we defiantly learn one way or another things become very clear and we think If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have done it,
If I was fortunate enough to hitch a ride with the Mad Matt Smith id love to revisit and study my life to pin point where things started to go wrong and why.
sadly I’m still fighting with my body issues and still not happy with myself.
I am going to Blog and Vlog on this topic with my process.
Just thought it was worth to note the other end of the spectrum being called names and things happen at all age shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, if you don’t fit in with the click, you tend never to feel or think you’re good enough for anyone
leaving your confidence at an all time low.
Anyway, sending big hugs to Sophia

Decisions .. Decisions …

Hiii All
Ok so I have taken the plunge and after numerous procrastinations I have almost de cluttered my make up,
Im so ashamed to say I had my beauty therapy make up that came with the kit when I was WAIT FOR IT
18 !! eww bacterial germs.
thus spurred me on to finally do an introductory Youtube Video so I hope to start blogging and vlogging…
It is summerish now I can say as I left the house with no coat yay I was coatless haha .. barring a nice cardigan my mum brought me from Matalan at Christmas time,  (thanks mum totally love our shopping trips)
Im trying to add some colour into my summer wardrobe, I know that pastel colours are in and Im hoping to drop some weight 50lbs of it yikers !
so far I have started to do 50 squats a day, but I know I need to drop things –
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Burgers
  • fries
  • cola — fizz
what I DO need and know I can drop a fair amount in one week is —
  • Drink 2ltrs Per Day if not more
  • protein
  • low carbs
  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • healthy snacks
  • plan in advance
  • exercise
I know within a week testing my water retention if I drink 2ltrs of H20 per day for a full week I dropped a staggering 10lbs !
thus far I have been on the slim fast shakes, weight watchers numerous times, it works its just ME !
I have thought to kick start a large loss try the terri ann 123 plan, I have the books to kick start and I was also thinking to switch it up try slimming world..
Are you on any of these ? If so what ones and how are you finding it ??
I shall post and vlog about the weight loss journey, so being the little Wanna be Gokette Ive found I am even though I gained weight still an hourglass shape yay ! im guessing this is my main body size, not complaining I love the curves just want to be more toned to rock cute dresses and skirts n perhaps shorts !
My aim is to get back to the sexy size 12-14 I once was I shall insert piccis later
and find some videos I did a while ago on my old you tube channel, but the basics start with organisation and careful planning, then budgeting = ££ spending !!
bye for now

London Marathon 2013


Wow what a day it has been first off I applaud all those people who took part in the #LondonMarathon and love that they all showed their solidarity for the #BostonMarathon #Bostonbomb which happened a few days before, I wont talk about this subject but I will say my heart and love goes out to all affected by what happened and I wish you all a speedy recovery.

I took many photographs and was celeb spotting as always hehe, we was based near the 6th Mile in Greenwich, had cheered so much my voice went hehe. Im sure my friends were happy at that prospect; but it was very short-lived.

After the runners had seeped through we made our way to Costa for a yummy hot chocolate, with all the trimmings cream, marshmallows and chocolate dusted mmmm – Im making my mouth water as I type hehe

and a naughty brownie bar made its way on my plate hmmm …. hehe


from there we decided to get some local culture and look around Greenwich Market, here I met some interesting and LOVELY ladies. Im thrilled to Blog about them !!


firstly let me tell you all about

Puja Patel, who runs Pink Pamper Parlour … please take a look at her website
she is Amazing with threading brows, I usually go to another area which is Cheaper but Puja reassured me and Anjie that the proper way doesn’t hurt and shouldn’t leave you with red blood spots and red skin an hour after the threading has been done..
All I can say is I trust Puja with my eyebrows and will defiantly be going back, I also indulged a little to have tinting done my brows was very pale and I wanted more definition to the shape, I’m happy with the end results and I am so looking forward to the retro hair and make up session when I book it !!
thank you Puja so much for making me feel relaxed and fab results !!



Last photograph I am wearing the Pink Lip gloss with no petroleum, my lips are silkier and softer in just one day !

secondly we got talking to

Elaine who is part of Glass Nail Files stand, she has made me see the normal nail file Emory boards are more damaging to the nails and don’t last long.
Glass nail files the tester file I tried was smooth and I was told it was two years old, shocked as it looked brand new ! there was some pricier BLING ones of which I might have gone for mm, may have to treat myself soon to this,
please follow the lovely Elaine on Facebook theglassnailfile and on twitter @glassnailfile


lastly we came across a lovely lady called Christina Gale who deals with natural products
part of

we was given the low down on the cream that we purchased puriskin resurfacing formula and acuregen firm and lift serum

Puriskin resurfacing formulaextracted from the website
Product Description
A powerful, anti-oxidant essential-oil complex harnessing the superior toning and refining properties of Locust Bean Gum to deliver targeted sub-dermal tissue penetration and stimulate muscular contraction and boost blood circulation. Long-term use delivers sustained complexion smoothing and firming results.
Designed for long-term daily use”

Acuuregen extracted from the website
Product Description
Specially targeted to improve the appearance of damaged skin and boost the function of impaired areas of skin ranging from scarring (acne scars to surgery scars or keloids) to ingrown hairs, uneven skin tone or texture, stretchmarks and razor bumps. Wrapped in a powerful tigergrass and comfrey plant base, this effective complex of naturally active essential oils, intensively hydrates and tones damaged cells with a penetrating, core-action formula to resurface skin texture and improve the appearance of skin.”

the products are natural and do more for the skin regeneration, also managed to get some lovely lip gloss, called It works ! lovely pink colour smells lovely and lasts for a good amount of time, I’m going to do a product review on some of these items one my friend Anjie has started to sample the two creams above so we will give it a few weeks and compare the results … exciting stuff !!

there is no petroleum that is present in a lot of make up and products this isn’t good for the skin at all and dries out the skin more !

So my question is.. have you been and seen these ladies ?? and what do you think about threading and my new brows !!


Black Vanilla – Review

Let’s start today by a foodie review, me and my friend Anjie went to Blackheath and noticed a cute little Coffee place called Black Vanilla, from the outside it looked very small, and expensive looking.. Especially being based in Blackheath… Money area.
I had heard good things about this place so I took the plunge and dived in, overall it was small but sleek furniture and fittings, size could of been a little bigger and the tables higher, also a customer W.C also would of been fantastic.
once I entered the cafe I noticed the array of Ice creams, chalk board saying Crepes with different appetisers to accompany the what sounded like a delicious treat.
from looking at that, then to the left the home made brownies, cupcakes all of different colours and flavours.
there was a choice of 5 cup cakes one with oreo, chocolate, Earl Grey Tea ( which when the lady mentioned it I looked at her with a bemused expression; she looked at me and said “do you like Lemon ?” of course I do, so Anjie said “okay I will try it”
so I gave in and succumbed to temptation, Tea with Earl Grey Tea Cup Cake, overloaded with Tea I think hehe
my view was the cake looked lovely and purple tinged, when I started to eat it, the frosting which was very soft and yummy, had to giggle at anjie who at one point said “did you try the Lemon?, if you haven’t don’t ans its nasty” hehe
I would only be able to eat one of the cup cakes as for me it was very sweet, tasty and they offer a 10% discount if you show a travel pass they give you, handy to know.
on the whole I am
looking forward to returning to try these Crepes and ice cream …
Have you been to one of these cafes ? what did you think ?